View Full Version : Editing and enabling full Directx 9 in HL2 Like a 9800

01-16-05, 08:49 PM

awhile back someone posted a edit on a half life 2 config file to enable direct x 9 fully including water reflections and tricking it into beiliving it was a 9800 coz u swap some thigns over in a config file, but i cant seem to find that thread anymore :@ can anyway plz post the link again, ive done it but recently formatted n reinstalled HL2 and only have Directx 8.1 again ...i dont want to do the basic dx 9 enabling things that u do in the console i wanna the edit were u trick it into thinking i have a 9800 and enables all dx 9 on my 5900..... thanx

01-31-05, 05:56 AM
can anyone find it ? i want to enable direct x 9 fully on hl2 on my 5900XT by fooling hl2 into thinking i have a 9800

01-31-05, 06:00 AM
If you had used the search function (and posted in the proper forum) you would have known exactly what to do.



01-31-05, 06:02 AM
i already tried using the search function , typed in all sorts of keywords but couldnt find it, and those threads isnt the thread im on bout, its a thread that involves editing a file and copying the string info for a 9800 and pasting it over the 5900 and it fools HL2 into thinking my card is a 9800