View Full Version : A couple of 6600 GT driver recommendations

01-17-05, 04:57 PM
Ok,since virtually noone here has posted anyhting about which driver is best for the 6600GT series,I thought I'd say acouple of things.The drivers I have tried are the following:

Officials(I mean not modified): 66.93,67.02,71.20,67.65
Modified: VXGs 67.02,71.20,67.65.

I've run four main benchmarks for each of these drivers.I will not post detailed results(otherwise I would have posted on the Benchmarking thread) but the main result is this:The fastest driver for my 6600 GT,on my system (specs at the end of the post) are the official 66.93s.Using the 71.20(modified or not) gave me 104 fps in Counterstrike Source video stress test,while with the 66.93 set I got 113!I think that is a substantial difference.Using the 67.65 set(the modified version was not slower than the official) I got 48000 marks on Aquamark,while with the official 66.93s I got 51000.The only benchmark where the newer drivers beat the old ones was 3dmark 2005,where I got the highest score(around 3400 marks) using the 71.20 set.However,I believe that this is likely due to optimisations and I never got that kind of boost in any other benchmark as well as real-life performance.

Bottom line:In my opinion,the best driver for 6600GT cards if you're after total performance is the official 66.93 set.I most point out two things though:Number one,I didn't test any other modified driver besides the VXG one.Number two,if you don't mind losing a couple of frames in order to gain on image quality,then I recommend you give the Extreme G 67.02 Final driver a try.

System:Intel P4 3.0Ghz,512 DDR1 3200 RAM,Albatron 6600GT PCIex,Gigabyte 915 Duo Pro mobo.Everything at stock speeds.