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01-19-05, 01:53 AM
If no one has noticed, they do have the 6800 out now with 256mb on board. I am wondering if anyone has tried these in SLI and how do they perform? One fellow here does list some numbers and I have no idea of his extended system configuration.



01-19-05, 04:54 AM
Yeap i got them seems to look like i am the only person in the world mind :( ;)
I have dual MSI NX6800 256E.

ASUS A8N SLi-Delxue with AMD A64 3500+ @ 2.53GHz
MSI NX6800 SLi 420/700MHz

3D Mark 2003 = 17,004pts, (12,033pts with a ASUS 6800GE @ 440MHz/1.18GHz)
3D Mark 2005 = 8,043pts, (4,243pts with a ASUS 6800GE @ 440MHz/1.18GHz)

Now considering the 6800's only using memory only running 700MHz it's quite impressive.


Can't post links as i am using the new 67,66 drivers so can't be published :(

01-19-05, 05:02 AM
that 4.200 on the GE is rather slow when running on 440/1.18

01-19-05, 05:06 AM
Yeah i couldn't get the thing to work with 16 pipelines :( Havn't said that that was when my CPU was running at 2.4Ghz but like 03 the CPU has little part in it, it's all about the video cards.

01-19-05, 05:22 AM
Yeah i couldn't get the thing to work with 16 pipelines :( Havn't said that that was when my CPU was running at 2.4Ghz but like 03 the CPU has little part in it, it's all about the video cards.

Do the cards run with 16 pipes if you use them in a non-sli config (one card)?

01-19-05, 05:26 AM
I've, never tried it on the MSI cards, the card i was on about was the 6800GE, i will give it a shot but i heard they are 12 pipes only with them being a diffrent card, aka Native PCI-Ex.
Tried Riva but it doesn't show any masked units so nope. seems to be a 1x12 PU and 1x5 VS, defualt clock speeds of the cards are 325MHz / 600MHz BTW the info from newegg are wrong which states 700MHz memory, although it's clocked at 600Mhz they are rated for 700MHz.

01-19-05, 08:48 AM
Dazz, please update us with benchmarks. I am looking at that exact same system to possibly replace a agp 6800 Ultra.



01-19-05, 10:16 AM
Well considering many PCI-e 6800 Ultra's cost the same as both of those cards together that is awesome. I believe JakUp was scoring around 9,100 in 3dmark05 with 2 Ultras at default clocks. Personally, I have rarely seen a single Ultra able to break 6k in that bench. So for what you spent and what you are getting it seems like a very good deal.

I woulds strongly advise against people getting two 6600GTs for SLI. The 128mb interface just doesn't seem to cut it with AA turned on and at higher resolutions. You would actually be better served with a single overclocked 6800 GT.

I am definitely going SLI myself, I am just waiting to see how the tech shapes up, and what nVidia has in store. Not to mention, eventually AMD will have some new powerful dual core processors coming out.

BTW thank you for the feedback. I am guessing your rig does fine with AA/AF on at 1600x1200? This is what I am shooting for myself, next time I rebuild. A rig that is always playing that res or higher with great min frame rates.

Another thing, what sort of cooling are you using on those cards in order to hold 420 on the core? Is it stock? If so that's awesome, and I would think, not typical.

01-19-05, 12:46 PM
It should be noted that only a few games currently work with SLI, and how many will work in the future is left totally up to how much Nvidia supports it. I really don't think using two lower-end cards SLI comes anywhere near matching up with a single high-end card, if for no reason other than because few games work with it. Would be nice if Nvidia actually made SLI compatable with all games, rather than needing to make a profile for each one.

01-19-05, 08:21 PM
just started a thread at futuremark about this.
17k on air is too impressive, more people need to know!!!!

01-20-05, 12:31 AM
I doubt I would do it myself, that is two 256mb 6800's in SLI. I already have an Ultra.

However, I could see someone that hasn't upgraded getting two 6800's for 330usd or so vs one PCI-e Ultra, the cheapest of which I have seen through price watch at 659usd. Even without overclocking the two 256mb 6800's have an edge. Most overclocked Ultra's do roughly 5500-5800 in 3dmark 05. This fellow is putting up what 8k? and I have seen another at 7.7k.

I would certainly say not to use older 6800's with the 128mb interface because you would be ruining your AA/AF usage at high res.

If you want to do two 6800 PCI-e GTs be prepared to pay roughly 474usd per card and UP. Two 256mb 6800s instead of two GTs would save a person 280 dollars total using the lowest price numbers for both cards.

I'd really love to see an SLI set up like this compared to stock GT's/Ultra's as well. The fellow in the link claims 6.2k for stock numbers from the 6800's in 3dmark05, as I have said I have seen Ultras at 460/1.30 do 5800 and lower. So even this config at stock is more powerful than a single overclocked Ultra going by this data.

I'd like to see 1600x1200 numbers with AA/AF....

01-20-05, 12:36 PM
Dazz, can you run some Hl and Doom benchies?

01-20-05, 04:00 PM
Impressing scores considering only 700MHz memory. Can you please tell me how many VS units are in each of these cards?

01-20-05, 05:13 PM
Impressing scores considering only 700MHz memory. Can you please tell me how many VS units are in each of these cards?

01-21-05, 10:18 AM
Ok i have doom 3 installed and half life 2 installed any benchmark programs you want me to run etc like maps also may need links to them.
Also i got alittle bit more out of the 6800's 430/700MHz so i have got 105Mhz core clock increase from each video card nice :)
Also i manged to get a bit more out of my CPU, 2.62GHz @ 1.63v which is hela impressive as i needed 1.77v on my NEO2 to get 2.6GHz :o

Here is the link, it can't be posted as i am using thoses offical beta 67.66 drivers :(


01-21-05, 10:39 AM
Could you just do the standard CS:Source test benchmark (it's included in the game) at 1024 x 768 with 4x AA and 8X AF please? I get 148fps with my 6800Ultra and a 3200 Athlon64 (socket 754). I am curious if you will be faster or not since I run all my games at 1024 x 768.



01-21-05, 11:00 AM
Yeah no problem, just have to wait till it updates the files then i will post, also got 79k in Aquamark sweet just shy of 80k :o

01-21-05, 11:39 AM
1024 x 4 x 8 = 153.74fps
1280 x 4 x 8 = 130.2fps

1280 x 4 x 16 = 128fps.

01-21-05, 11:57 AM
Thanks! I just think I will stick with my 6800 Ultra for now :)

01-21-05, 12:26 PM
Yeah I'd be interested in Doom 3 numbers for any map you'd like to run through and try with FRAPS up to record at a resolution of 1600x1200 at Ultra Quality with 4xAA. The game will apply 8xAF by default at that quality setting.

Also any Halflife 2 map you feel like running at 1600x1200 with 4xAA/8xAF. As I have said I am curious how your set up does with the higher resolutions, 1600 and up, with the candy on in actual game play. Personally, I would not invest in a SLI set up to run anything less.

I am particularly interested in MIN frame rates. What attracts me to SLI is being able to have very nice min rate under the conditions I have suggested.

Thank you for entertaining our questions and interest.

01-21-05, 03:05 PM
Sorry no can do at 1600 as my LCD only gives me upto 1280 :o But i'll see what i can do.

01-21-05, 07:08 PM
No problem Dazz,

I was simply curious. As I say, I am going SLI in the future just for that res. My monitor does it now at @75, however the text is not all that great. I usually game 1280x1024 because I can run that @85 and the text/game interface in MMORPGs seems just about right.

The next monitor I get may be a LCD with a native res of 1600. I'd like to follow that purchase by getting a SLI mobo and two cards, which will most likely end up being dual 6800 GTs.

Again, thank you for all the feedback. You definately have a heck of system and have certainly got some bang out of those 6800's.

01-22-05, 05:24 AM
Well at 1280 x 4 x 16 Ultra high = 66fps
1280 + Ultra high = 90fps

That is double to what i got with my 6800 which was around 50fps w/o AF & AA.

01-22-05, 08:59 AM
Hey guys, new around here, and i dont mean to show off but i built my SLI rig about 3 weeks ago, and the thing flies. Its totally stable too. In terms of performance, well... take a look at this:

Nice eh? Thats with 71.24 drivers, which seem to be very good in performance, although buggy for SLI, so i had to drop back again to 66.77's, which seem fine.

02-10-05, 09:54 AM
Dazz I would be curious what your rig reports in 3dmark05 and 03 with the cards at default clocks, and then with the cores at 350-370. I am curious what this sort of system would bring to a person that ran it stock or with a slight OC.