View Full Version : 6800 ultra - chaintech or Pny ?

01-19-05, 07:31 AM
Hi i have a question i find two geffo 6800 ultra at same price

Chaintech Aa6800 Ultra
Pny Verto 6800 ultra

who is the best ?

thanks ;)

Pandora's Box
01-19-05, 07:43 AM
out of those two. pny. but i would go for a BFG if you could find one.

01-20-05, 02:09 AM
havent heard much about either of em. Go with the one that provides better warranty. i guess PNY provides 3yrs warranty. if yes go for PNY.

01-20-05, 04:34 AM
I'd say PNY. Aren't the nvidias number one int he proffessional section. (Nvidia Quadro's)
Them making the quadros indicate that their quality can't be too bad IMO.

01-20-05, 12:01 PM
I live near PNY wooo

Only bad thing to say is that a fan died on a ti4400 after about 2 years of use. My 6800gt has been satisfactory and I have a usb stick from them, MUCH sturdier than the sony one I had.

01-20-05, 12:07 PM
The PNY if you get a new cooler, like NV5, which would void the warranty.
Same thing happend to me on both my 5200 and 5200 Ultra. The fan rattled for a while, then died. Both were PNY, and both fans had to be replaced.

Other than that, the cards ran great which is why I bothered with the new fans, heh. This was only about 3 months of use here, by the way.

01-20-05, 02:26 PM
pny. my temps are where they need to be, and it overclocks well

01-21-05, 06:06 AM
The PNY's come with reference coolers wich means they have nothign to do with fans dying or not dying. Same fans as on any other reference card.

01-21-05, 07:16 AM
I agree with the rest of the replies. In a compairson of the two companies, I'd go with the PNY. I have a Chaintech SA6800 (stock 6800NU) so I've been to the website and asked questions through the Technical support. From my expirence, I'm not impressed by the quality of support that they offer. I don't own a PNY, but from what I can see, the website's support seems much better then chaintech.