View Full Version : FS/T: 12-month XBox Live, Halo 2, $15 off any new Nintendo game check,

01-19-05, 07:38 AM
I will take payment in any form as well as trades for a GameBoy SP mint condition.

Brand new un-scratched 12 month live card. Will ship or provide numbers right after purchase if wanted $35.

Nintendo check, good for $15 off any new game includeing Resident Evil 4 but it can only be used at participating retailers and expires on the 31 of this month. You can check here if there is store near you here...www.youvegotmoneylocations.com Price is $7 or $6 if you buy anything else.

XIII for Xbox $11 shipped

Halo 2 LE- $35 is in brand new condition played about a week.

Medal of Honor FrontLine- $7. Game is pretty scratched and thus the low price. It plays fine although scratched so it is as is. Also MOH has no booklet and its case seriously looks like it came from 1942.

Buy Halo 2 and the Trial and I will give MOH and the $15 off any Nintendo game for free.

http://img10.exs.cx/img10/7489/dsc010030bc.th.jpg (http://img10.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img10&image=dsc010030bc.jpg)
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PMe or email me at Liquidx AT verizon.net but Liquidxtream AT gmail.com is preferred.

01-19-05, 03:28 PM
Adding; Disgaea: Hour of Darkness $43 shipped