View Full Version : Doh, I blew my Z560s what to dooooooo?

11-24-02, 11:57 AM
I think I blew the amp on my 560s, this sucks. I have only had them for about 2 months now, bought them from Newegg. Anyone know if there is a fuse or something I can check for or do i have to send it back to Logitech?

11-24-02, 10:46 PM
Buy a REAL sound system. I bough a Pioneer HTP-4000 at Costco for $499 CND which is about $320 US. This system can blow out any computer speakers and is very inexpensive. It can decode dolby digital 5.1, dts and it's 24bit/96khz ready. The output rating is 5x100watt plus a 100watt subwoofer. I think it's a real steal for that price considering that it's the same price as the z-680. Why buy a $500 computer speaker system when you can buy the real thing for the same price? If you want more information about the amp, look for the VSX-D511 on Pioneer's web site. It has great connectivity, including coax in, toslink and 5.1 analog.

11-25-02, 07:26 AM

The Logitech Z-560's are US$130 (or less) online. That's less than half of what you bought.


Give Logitech a call. You should have some kind of warranty and might be able to get the parts replaced. Just tell the rep the part stopped working for an known reason, you tried them in a couple computers, they still don't work and you'd like replacements because your return policy from the story where you bought them has expired.

11-25-02, 07:36 AM
Hey frank, were you wearing ur glasses when u read his post?:)

11-26-02, 02:54 AM
Did you actually turn the volume all the way to the max???
If you didn't, and it blew, then chances are it's one of two fuses.
Open the sub from the back (lots of screws). The back unscrews, but is not easy to pull it off. Logitech put on the lid with a lot of pressure. Once you open it, looking into the inside, on the left panel, about in the middle, there is a fuse. I am not at home, and I really don't remember the amp rating for it. I know it's a slow-burning fuse. I found the same kind at Radio Shack, and replaced it... twice.
There is also one in the middle of it's circuitry, but it's very difficult to reach without taking a few parts off. I wouldn't recommend you do that unless you have a solder iron to put it back together. But check the one on the left side panel (right side panel if you look at it from the front). $.99 cents is a whole lot better than 2 weeks from Logitech. Good luck.

11-26-02, 05:07 PM
Thats what I was hoping to find out, if there was a fuse or not but I just sent the power cord and control center to Logitech today. I didn't have the volume on the speakers turned up, not even half way but I did have the volume on the computer turned all the way up. The Logitech guy told me two things; first he said I should put the computer volume all the way down and secondly that the model version of the 560's I had was defective and that Logitech fixed the problem in another release, so I will be getting the newer version of the 560's. Sucks how you always find out after the fact, I should have know to lower the computer volume and up the speaker volume. Da well. 2 weeks it is.

11-26-02, 07:59 PM
At least Logitech has acknowledged there was a problem with your set and is working to correct it. Better than having them tell you tough teabags and you being stuck with a defective product. :)

11-26-02, 10:28 PM
yeah, so true so true

11-26-02, 10:46 PM
Since this topic is talking about the 560s, I figure I'll just post here rather than starting a new post. Here's my question: I've heard something about the 560s just having a bare wire for the speaker wire; is that true, and if so how do you hook them up? (the reason I'm asking is that I want to get some for Christmas)

11-26-02, 10:58 PM
When in doubt, go to Newegg! :D


You have a wire with the bare-cable exposed ( only on the end of course ). The bare wire is slid through a hole which is exposed once the "twist barrel" is un-done. Once the wire is through the hole, you tighten the "twist barrel" and are good to go...