View Full Version : WTB: any video card last gen or older

01-20-05, 01:07 AM
alright, i want to buy an intermediate card. i can't stand this geforce 2 for a second longer! i need a card, any card, that's not an mx model of an fx5200. would really rather not get a 9800se either... but if it comes down to it... lol.

i am looking for essentially a geforce 3, geforce 4 tixxxx, a geforce fx 5400+ (5400?... not sure about that one, too lazy to look it up), a radio 9500np, a radio 9700np a 9700pro, 9600xt, or a 9800pro

i'm looking to spend around $50 or less if possible, but if the price is right i will certainly go higher. preferably nvidia of course, but anything will do.

01-28-05, 06:30 PM
I may have a 4600 TI to sell this weekend. Would you be interested? I was thinking about $65 for it though.