View Full Version : New Burnout Game for Xbox2 Coming!

01-20-05, 02:45 AM
Leaked EA Press Release Dates Xbox 2
A LEAKED press release from industry Dahlings and would-be world-dominators Electronic Arts has let slip that Xbox 2 will be hitting late this year, just in time for the next versions of Burnout and Need For Speed.

According to a filing at SPOnG, the next version of Need For Speed - subtitled Most Wanted - will be making its way onto Xbox, PS2, GameCube, PC, PSP, Nintendo DS and willl have a "...simultaneous ship with the Xbox2 platform."
The time frame certainly makes sense - we're all expecting Gates' next wonderbox before the end of this year, and the massive Q4 success of Burnout 3 would put it on track for a sequel same time, same place.


I might just have to get an xbox2 if it has a new burnout game :D

01-20-05, 02:58 AM
w00t! I loved BO3 :D

I guess I'll just wait until the consoles come out before I upgrade ( they always get the best games anyways )

01-20-05, 03:05 AM
Yea BO3 was one of my favorite racing games of all times... and *gasp* it was a console game! Strange, I still don't even have an Xbox, but we have one at work and when I'm on break thats all I play :D

01-20-05, 10:26 AM
Just read that yesterday. XBOX2 will be sweet no doubt but my money is still on the PS3. Sony + Nvidia = teh 1337 :cool:

01-20-05, 11:12 AM
Just read that yesterday. XBOX2 will be sweet no doubt but my money is still on the PS3. Sony + Nvidia = teh 1337 :cool:

Sony + NV = stuttering, shimmering, bad AA quality, and zero support

I'll take my chances with ATi :p

Nah, i'm just kiddin', i'm getting both :D Can't wait to see the next Halo on a R520! :eek: I'm a console boy @ heart anyways. I've enjoyed wayyyyyyyy more console games ( MGS, GT series, Halo, Jak, Burnout, Project Gotham, etc.. ) So hopefully the trend will continue. I was planning on upgrading to an A64 3800 ( 939 ) and the new DFI PCI-E nf4 mobo, but I figured I would just wait until XB2 and PS3 come out and get those. PC gaming is taking a huge step downhill.....BF2 is honestly the only game for 05' that intrest me :rolleyes:

BTW, jAkUp, you're missing a lot of great games by sticking to PC gaming.

01-20-05, 03:49 PM
i actually bought gta san andreas for my ps2 (which like my playstation has to be turned upside down to work) and i sold it after 3 days cuz the graphics were terrible i.e horrible pop up and glitches and a see through highway. :mad: i'll happily wait till june for the pc version. Has anyone played ratchet and clank on the playstation 2? what a great game :D

01-20-05, 04:05 PM
Same here shrek2, I played GTA3 and GTA:VC to death on the PS2, but GTA:SA is just so horrificly low fps its unplayable in the large citys with lots of cars on screen. I'll wait for the xbox version, as I still enjoy sitting back on the couch with a pad for hours instead of crouching infront of the PC for games like this. FPS games I play on the PC naturally.

01-21-05, 08:01 AM
i dont see why it wouldnt come out for the ps3. not too much of an xbox fan but we will see at the end of the year. xbox2 comes way before the ps3 so i just might have to pick up both.