View Full Version : Geforce 6800 GT/ uthra the truth about how much PSU you need

01-20-05, 04:45 AM
hi, there you all GOD BLESS :) , o.k. let get down to it Alot of companies :o tell you that you need at the lease 400/450 watt psu for this or for that and so on and some of us meaning you not me if the shoe fits go pass that point and shell out the big bucks for 500/ 550 watts PSU ect :mad: . and NOW find out that the psu have Changed due to a new regulation :mad: . and so on but the truth is that :rolleyes: 350/watts is all you need to run today,s computers :p more watts more money you pay on your electrical bill :mad: it,s a market and the more you buy the better it is not for you :mad: but for them That,s the bottom line money all the new things that was add to the new psu I do not need :o at this point for my pc :p and so why should I buy a psu because it,s the new kid on the block. :rolleyes: something to think about for us that are APG/PCI/SLI. Post your thought on this supject here so that they meaning them can know how we meaning us feel the way we are being treated. we are not cattle but there might be some cows among us. they should know that we buying their product should keep us meaning you and me in mind and We should let them know because it is getting out of hand and, how we feel or we will be taken for cattle. How is your pasture :eek: :mad: :( ;)

01-20-05, 05:43 AM
What purpose does this serve? Nothing.

It is reccomended by NVIDIA that you have so and so rated PSU (as a guideline) to ensure your GeForce 6XXX runs properly within it's lifetime. ie It doesn't bork earlier than expected etc. Better to be safer than sorry. Whether u or anyone heed their reccomendation or not is entirely up to you or that person.

Pointless thread.