View Full Version : nForce Drivers and MOBO: BIOSTAR M7NCG

01-20-05, 03:32 PM
Greetings Forum

I have a technical issue for you:

I am trying to update my current MOBO (BIOSTAR M7NCG) with this latest NVIDIA nFORCE Drivers: ver. 5.10. And I have detected the following issues:

1. Audio Drivers not working 100%, I cannot control all audio outputs with the NvMixer: With a 5.1 Speaker configuration. I cannot enable CENTER OUTPUT. During an MP3 playback using Windows Media Player, there is not sounds coming from Center Channel. It doesn't happen with older version using NvSTORM Audio configuration.

2. Using this nFORCE version, I have experienced problems playing DVD (movies, etc.). The video is distorted and choppy during the playback. I could notice that DMA wasn't ENABLED, and there is no a way to get it enabled. Using older version (the ones that come with the mobo: ver. 1.14) everything works fine and the playback is good.

I am using Windows XP (SP1) and the motherboard: BIOSTAR M7NCG. These new version is not compatible with most motherboard or there is a bug with these drivers than needed to check out?

Thanks for any information

Froy Cardenas
Caracas, Venezuela :o