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01-20-05, 08:17 PM
I just bought this game and it runs terrible! I downloaded and installed the 1.3 patch also :( I cant believe a 400$ top of the line card cant run this game at decent FPS. Settings:

( drivers : 71.20 Xtreme G )
( videocard: BFG 6800 GT 370/1000 FW off/ 128Mb Aperature/ 1.6 AGP volt )

Game settings:

Highest Detail

Feels so slow...and laggy. How do I enable SM3.0 mode? Would it help out?

01-20-05, 08:34 PM
there are some options in RivaTuner that you should adjust. They impact performance immensely.

There was a thread about it in the GeFORCE 6 series forum.

01-20-05, 08:56 PM
Blitting??? Somethings up because the performance is TERRIBLE :(

01-20-05, 10:01 PM
possibly, i just really can't remember off the top of my head because the thread was posted so long ago. It got a bump a few days ago, though.

01-20-05, 10:47 PM
I dont know what to look for the that thread area.....

Anyways, I dropped the image settings ( nv control panel ) from "High Quality" to "Quality" and it seems to have helped a lot. What does this option do?

Also, I just tried playing this game online and it says my cd-key is already in use!!! Argh...guess I have to call em' up tomorrow :(

01-20-05, 11:05 PM
just search for threads with "far cry" in the title only.

01-20-05, 11:10 PM

There it is. It looks like the pics are gone though :(

01-20-05, 11:18 PM
Yeha i've tried that. I dont have stuttering since my GT is @ stock speeds. Its just my FPS...they're REALLY low. Cant believe a card w/ 16 pipes and the newest design is getting 25fps in some areas....usually hangs out around 30-45 though.

01-20-05, 11:34 PM
Make sure AA and AF are disabled from the game configuration panel if you want to use the driver control panel. Likewise, if you use the in-game configuration, make sure AA and AF are set to application controlled.

01-20-05, 11:40 PM
I thought SM3.0 was supposed to be FASTER than 2.0 because it allowed for more concise instructions or something?

01-21-05, 10:57 AM
I thought SM3.0 was supposed to be FASTER than 2.0

Thats correct. SM3.0 makes Far cry run faster.

01-21-05, 11:29 AM
You should keep in mind that Far Cry runs slow for many of us. It drops to below 30fps very frequently for me, and I run it at 2xAA/2xAF. It's just a really resource intensive game. Personally, I think it's a pretty crappy game and a pretty crappy game engine, but most people around here disagree with me. ;)

01-21-05, 12:34 PM
I can maintain playable frames @ 1600x1200 w/4xaa 4xaf. Gotta love sm2.0b. But even my old 6800 gt handled it fine at lower resolutions.

01-22-05, 08:50 AM
Worth noting is that Far Cry is CPU bound in outdoor areas and it is normal to experience low frame rates no matter which graphics card you have, especially if AA and AF are cranked up. I only noticed a minor difference in many outdoor areas going from a 5950U to a 6800U whereas indoor performance was significantly improved.

01-22-05, 09:25 AM
Gotta love sm2.0b.

I'll stick with SM3.0 thanks. ;)

01-22-05, 11:05 AM
I think I made a deal with a guy to trade my 6800GT+some goodies for his X800XT :)

01-23-05, 07:51 PM
I think i'll stick with the 71.24 .. they seems to work pretty good with FC .
i didnt know how bad were the 67.02 until i tried these .. i'll just let the screenshots speakth !


for a good gameplay experiance in the 6800GT.. i recommend these drivers + 1280x1024,2xAA,8xAF,Q (Opt enabled) .

01-24-05, 12:19 AM
Must be me, i can't see any difference between the shots..lol

01-24-05, 12:35 AM
Must be me, i can't see any difference between the shots..lol

Check the framerate difference !

01-24-05, 12:40 AM
ha, i was to busy pawing over the pic's trying to find a difference in image quality, didn't even see the framerate counter, must give them a try :)

01-24-05, 12:43 AM
ha, i was to busy pawing over the pic's trying to find a difference in image quality, didn't even see the framerate counter, must give them a try :)

Yeah & also notice that the top shot is set to Quality while the lower one (71.24) is set to HQ ! (although these shots cant show the difference between Q & HQ .. you have to see it in motion) .
thats a huge difference in performance if you ask me . exactly 34.6% gain in this scene .

01-24-05, 07:06 AM
SH, what level/scene do those screenshots come from? I'd like to test it out using the 70.78 driver set.

01-24-05, 07:53 AM
Dude like the game takes tons of Ram to play if you have 512.00mb your just $H!T out of luck,its gonna run slowly i should know thats what iv got.LoL.And what the HECK is SM3.0? :mad: :afro: :rw: .....my settings are on like medium, but the partical count and shadow quality are on low.Every thing else is on medium and my game like might jump every now and then.AND whats a driver set? :confused:

01-24-05, 08:11 AM
Those pic's look they're from the level 'Archive' to me, that's where i'm up to atm. I can't be sure but with these drivers the 'pausing' isn't as noticable, it's hard to tell unless you play through the same area with each set of drivers. SM 3.0 only works on the GeForce 6800 video cards, it gives them a performance boost in some areas of the game.

01-24-05, 08:14 AM
And what the HECK is SM3.0?

A graphical feature supported only by the GeForce 6xxx cards.

AND whats a driver set? :confused:

The things you download that tell your video card what to do. We have a whole forum for stuff like that.

And one more thing, could you please type like you might have passed fifth grade English? Your posts are freaking annoying to read.