View Full Version : Allied PSU and Chaintech 5200

01-20-05, 09:02 PM
I have available an Allied 300 W power supply to a lucky buyer :). it's worked great for about 4 months of easy use. It was hooked to a pc that was just a software firewall.

$10 + $5 shipped. but that is very negotiable.

also, i have a Chaintech GeforceFX 5200. It's never been overclocked and it DOES NOT have passive cooling or the 64-bit memory interface.

$30 shipped.. but again.. very negotiable.

My heatware is Zoomy942

01-21-05, 01:55 AM
i'm very interested assuming i lose my bid on e-bay (oh please let it be so! lol). i've got the current winning bid on a geforce 3 ti200. if that doesn't go through i'll be more than happy to take that off of your hands. the auction ends in 7 hours, so i will let you know tomorrow what happened.

01-21-05, 01:46 PM
whew, i was out-bid on e-bay, lol.

you sir have a pm :)