View Full Version : Old system 400, new system 380 core?

01-21-05, 01:22 AM
My 6800 has a NV Silencer 5 on it and ran at 400, possibly more, in my old system. It had a load temp of 66. When I assembled my new system I tightened the screws another half turn and did nothing else. Now the control panel won't even allow 400 and 390 throttles back within about 20-30 seconds, 380 seems to be ok. What's interesting is the load temp is down 6C to 61 but instead of being able to go faster it goes slower now. What gives? My old system used an AXP palomino, the new system is a stock A64 3200 Winchester, it occured to me that power could be an issue but I have an Antec true 330 and the rest of my system isn't that beefy. Is this a known issue that some people get, can I turn off the auto downclocking feature?

01-21-05, 01:38 AM
IMO a more power supply would'nt hurt ,I could'nt get my sytem even stable with a 430w Antec truepower,but also if you have fastwrites enable and it was not before can cause your card to not overclock as high.

01-21-05, 02:34 AM
Well I had fastwrites enabled before but that was at AGP 4x and not 8x although that might not matter. Could the performance enhancements the NForce3 applies to GF6 GPUs also have an effect?

01-21-05, 05:58 AM
You have a MSI K8N NEO2 Plat. by any chance?
It has a built in gfx card OC feature. It OC's the card by mobo bios!
You need to press SHIFT + F2 and then ALT+F3 to get hidden features in Cell Menu of the MSI bios. DISABLE NVIDIA speedup.

01-22-05, 02:45 AM
Yes I have a NEO2, I was wondering about that feature but the fastwrites seemed to be the problem, 400 is ok now. Disabling the acceleration feature might allow fastwrites to be turned back on so I'll try that too.

01-22-05, 10:30 AM
I got a better PSU and got an extra 200Mhz out of the CPU and my 6800GT was able to clock slightly higher without artifacts, probably due to this PSU having cleaner power, higher voltage on all the rails, and a dedicated high-current plug for the video card...