View Full Version : PX6600 GT Permanent Freeze?

01-21-05, 02:45 AM

I have recently bought a PC [and am relatively new to them] with the above card pre-installed in a PCI-E slot. It is connected to a 19" CRT Proline monitor. I was busy adjusting the frequency and resolution in the software, when the screen cleared except for a block which said "Attention! Out of Range!" and then quoting V and H frequencies which exceeded the maximum of the monitor. Everything else was then frozen and I was unable to use the PC [I do not have another monitor, so could not determine if I could continue on another monitor]. Clearly I had inadvertently set refresh rates and/or resolutions that were incompatible with my monitor, but was unable to correct this!

Eventually, I was forced to reboot, the PC went through its initialisation [and this could be seen on the monitor], Windows XP began to load [again this was perfectly viewable], and then just when you would expect to see the Windows Start Menu, the same block re-appeared, rendering the PC unusable. I tried to reboot a number of times [unplugging the video cable on occasion], but still the same result. It appears as if the Graphics card has been "set" to a frequency the monitor cannot handle and I am unable to change it because I cannot access Windows!

Can you perhaps suggest:
1. How I can fix the above problem
2. How I can avoid the same thing happening in the future as and when I correct this?

01-21-05, 03:09 AM
Press F8 when you turn on the PC just before the XP loading screen would normally appear.

Select Safemode

Continue in to safemode

Change the resolution down to something like 800x600 (It won't actually change properly until you reboot)

Shutdown -> Reboot

You should be now back with a usable desktop.

In the future if you're adjusting the screen resolution/refresh and it goes blank, just press ESC and it will bring back your previous settings.

01-21-05, 11:21 AM
Also, make sure that Windows shows the brand and model of your monitor in your display properties.

If it does not, and instead just shows "Plug and Play" for the monitor, you should visit your monitor manufacturer's website and attempt to get the driver file for it (sometimes called a monitor.inf file).

This will let Windows know exactly what refresh rates your monitor supports and will not allow you to select innapropriate ones that can result in "out of range" errors.