View Full Version : Monitor GPU, CPU w/1 prog? Speedfan?

01-21-05, 05:53 PM
Hey all,

I've been using RivaTuner to monitor my GPU/Amb temperatures since the purchase of my 6800nu. For all my other temps, I've used SiSoft Sandra to monitor my CPU, Case and PSU. What I would really like is a program that incorporates all these temperature monitoring options into one convienent program. But unfortunatly all I can find is either GPU temp monitors and CPU/Case temperature monitors.... Nothing that does both.

After doing some research on these boards, it seems like SpeedFan is a great program to use, but I don't see a way to monitor my GPU temps within the program. Or at least I haven't figured out a way yet. Is there a way to get speed fan to read GPU temps? If not, is there a program out there that'll allow the user to do both?


01-21-05, 06:21 PM
I saw somebody posted that Everest shows their GPU temps along with the others.... My 6800NU temps didnt show up in everest though, so maybe try that.... I just use nvidia's temp status and my case has a display with all the temps inside, HDD, SYS and CPU