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01-24-05, 10:32 AM
Posted this in the Steam forums in response to someone else expressing frustrations with Valve's lack of support with all the issues caused by Steam/ stuttering, crashing, etc, thought it was funny so I am reposting it here :)

Re: HL2 & Technical Issues

The real irony is, does Valve realize that they have become their own nemesis from Half Life 2?

Does Gabe know he metaphorically could resemble Breen (edit: okay maybe he needs to shed just a few pounds)? And that Steam is the Combine Gabe introduced that keeps us gamers prisoners on our own computer?

I can see walking out of the City 17 tram now: "Steam is the wave of the future for American gamers... It will take gamers to new heights, opens new doors for the American people. If you are having any issues with Steam, just put on your blue jumpsuit, get in line, and fill out a form, and we will be all too happy to assist you. The Source engine is the most technologically advanced engine available to date. If you are having stuttering, fill out a request form, and we will be too happy to help troubleshoot your PC's hardware and/or software problems. If you have not yet received a support response (http://www.thebbb.org/commonreport.html?bid=22005081), please fill out another support form indicating so, and buy an ATI card - they really are the greatest. Thank you for playing Half Life 2 and supporting Steam and the Source engine, the latest innovation for gamers!"

Do the people who defend Valve & Steam realize they seem like the people who stood by as Earth was taken over by the Combine, the people who sit back and just let it go?

Do the people who proactively fight for the rights of gamers, comlpain about Steam's problems, put pressure on Valve to fix the source engine bugs, do they realize they are the resistance?

Valve has put themselves in the position where they are the enemy, and the user really IS Gordon Freeman both in real life and in the game, trying to fight against the oppression of Steam and Stutters in real life, and against the oppression of the Combine in the game... Unless you are more like one of those combine sympathizers, well, you know how HL2 ends...


01-24-05, 10:41 AM
haha...that was clever. I don't know if I would've posted the thing about Gabe's weight there though, but that's just me.

Any responses?

01-24-05, 10:48 AM
haha...that was clever. I don't know if I would've posted the thing about Gabe's weight there though, but that's just me.

Any responses?

Yeh I added the weight part in an edit after reposting it here, because I realize it could hit a few nerves at valve and might not be the best thing to post at their forum ;)

only response so far (my nick there is tranCendenZ like on HardOCP)

Yep, tranCendenZ....strangely ironic.

01-24-05, 12:39 PM
Heh, you should post this on Gamefaqs, I'm sure you'd get a lot of interesting responses :p