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01-24-05, 07:03 PM
I have an EVGA 6800 Ultra sitting in my computer right now that I would like to trade for an ATI x800xt PE. The Ultra is only a couple months old and runs great. I've never overclocked it (the EVGA's are stock overclocked anyways), and have run everything stock. Why do I want to get rid of this card? Eh...no reason really. Just an ATI guy I guess. I play a lot of old games that ATI seems to do a little better for (old Vice City...). I just come here for the forums. :)


Anyways, I'm looking for an ATI x800 xt PE. NON SAPPHIRE. I won't deal with thier crap. :afro:

Anyways, I know the PE's are in short supply (still?), but I'm willing to make this square deal a little better. I'm throwing in the following....

My NVIDIA DVD codec that I just bought a month ago from their website. It's the basic $20 version. This means you would get ::gasp:: my name, serial, and last 4 digits of my credit card, plus the software on a burned cd. If your on a narrowband ISP, let me know if you want some drivers or anything else LEGAL downloaded for the cd.

Free shipping for my card to you, and I will even reimburse your shipping when I get the x800(pending a proof of purchase i.e. a scan of the reciept).

I want to deal through paypal, if at all possible. I accept credit/debit through it. If you reaaaly want to deal with a money order or personal check, maybe we can work something out. My ebay ID is qlitchford if you want to check it out.

Please make any suggestions or questions within the thread and save the PM's for intrested traders. Let me know if I'm asking a bit much, or am giving too much. The logistics of this operation will be taken care of when we decide to do the deal!

Thanks for looking guys, I welcome all feedback!

01-25-05, 07:53 AM

01-25-05, 07:11 PM
Ah, nevermind. I guess no one who managed to snag one wants to let it go so easily.

Or maybe the wallow at Rage3d. Thanks to all who looked.