View Full Version : Audigy2 vs Audigy2 ZS

01-24-05, 08:43 PM
Anyone here owned both? I'm wondering if there is a sound quality/performace difference between the two? Or is it just one extra channel and DTS decoding?

01-24-05, 08:52 PM
Or is it just one extra channel and DTS decoding?

Yup thats it.

01-24-05, 10:12 PM
I had an audigy 2 and recently upgraded to an Audigy 2 ZS. I noticed absolutely no difference between the two. But, it doesnt hurt to have the best of the best!

01-25-05, 01:21 AM
I owned both, and I can honostly say that I felt the ZS sounded better.. I believe it is 108db's compared to a lower number on the Audigy 2. But I would say that its not worth the upgrade.

01-25-05, 01:30 AM
I have an Audigy 2 with 5.1 surround sound ... my dad has an Audigy 2 ZS with 5.1 surround sound. I notice absolutely no difference in sound quality. Its probably so trivial most people cant even tell unless they were told. Only difference was his came with the face plate (which u can buy for the Audigy 2) and its what.. 7.1 instead of 6.1? If you dont have 7.1.. its a waste anyway.

01-25-05, 05:35 AM
Thank you all for your replies. I guess I'll just keep the Audigy 2 for now, since I only have a 5.1 setup, and I probably won't notice the higher db on them (I have some cheapo 5.1 creative inspire speakers. Though they sound good for their price :) )