View Full Version : FarCry: Shadow problems with GF 6600 GT

01-25-05, 04:38 AM
I'm actually using the demo version of the game, but I have to know if this problem is fixed in the full game etc.

The problem is that if I set shadows to high or very high in the advanced video settings, the game starts to display big black squares under mercenaries when I get close to them, whether they're dead or alive, as long as the body is on the ground. The texture just turns black. Here's a picture: http://mbnet.fi/acx/farcry.jpg . I'd like to know what might cause this and if there's any way to fix this, I'd really like the shadow effects...

I'm using a geforce 6600 GT

Janne R

01-25-05, 05:08 AM
The Demo doesn't properly support NV4x cards, or it certainly didn't when I used it. If you want things to display properly, I'm afraid you'll have to actually pick up the game. You CAN use 3D-Analyze to trick the demo into thinking you have a Radeon 9x00 or GeForce FX, and that'll at least give most of the effects properly, but I still experienced some problems with this route.

01-25-05, 11:16 AM
Okay. I tested the program you suggested and the graphics started working and they looked a whole lot better overall. Thanks.

01-25-05, 11:40 AM
And FYI the full game has official patches that fixes this bug .. its just the demo so now worries if you are planning to get it .