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01-26-05, 11:11 AM
Before I start here's my current config:

Intel 2.4C@3.1
Asus P4P800 Deluxe
Corsair XMS 512mb (256x2) Dual Channel
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
WD 120 GB 7200 RPM

Here's what I'm thinking. I want to go to an AMD system, preferably SLI Nforce 4. I'm currently looking @ the AMD 64 3000+, Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe, and EVGA 6600GT (one for now, pickup another in a month or so), and WD Raptor Series in Raid. Or would I be better off just upgrading my current config, i.e...P4 3.0E, another 512 ram, better HD. My system is primarily used for gaming; I play a lot of HL2, CS:S & Doom 3. I just don't know how much of a performing increase I'll see in a AMD configuration. Any advice would be apprectiated. Thanks.

01-26-05, 11:38 AM
I would avoid anything SLI, get another 512mb RAM, perhaps a new CPU and keep your money till laters in the year (good things will happen in 2005).

01-26-05, 12:09 PM
I would avoid anything SLI, get another 512mb RAM, perhaps a new CPU and keep your money till laters in the year (good things will happen in 2005).

Thanks for the advice. What about my vid card? Should I keep what I got?

01-26-05, 12:22 PM

01-26-05, 12:49 PM
i second the 6800GT

01-26-05, 01:04 PM
You should be able to keep onto your 9800Pro for a little while yet, why upgrade to another DirectX9 videocard so late in the game? I mean I've got a 5900XT, and Im playing NFS:U at 1280*1024 no probs, played Doom3 at 1024 high setting and FSAA/AF.

I would say having 1GB ram would boost your system a little, the rest you could upgrade later on in the year, unless of course you have the cash to upgrade now, and upgrade later in the year?

01-26-05, 07:20 PM
If you have the budget I say go for the SLI motherboard and a PCIe 6600GT or 6800GT card. Do not get a Athlon64 3000+, unless you are going to overclock and it's garaunteed to overclock like crazy. The 3000+ will not feel much of an improvement, maybe the same as your overclocked P4. So a higher clocked Athlon64 shouldbe on your list.

An SLI motherboard, because it is for the future :D Get a 6600Gt (for non aa and af perofrmance) or 6800GT (if AA and AF is important). And then when next gen comes, you have a PCIe platform! and can sell your card or get anotherpne of the same company and model and SLI the rig! Although SLI'ing 6800GTs makes more sense than 6600GTs (for AA and AF performance)! :)

01-26-05, 09:07 PM
I have to agree with MUYA .
get an SLI based board + a 1x6800GT PCI-E if you have enough budget .. or get a single 6600GT atm & get the other to work in SLI mode shortly after (but keep in mind that 1 6800GT is faster than 2x6600GTs) . in both cases you will see some considerable performance increase over your older system .

01-26-05, 11:52 PM
i agree, avoid SLI if all you're going to put in there are 6600GT's. I also agree with those who recommend keeping the 9800pro. With a new proc/mobo (especially AMD) you'll notice new life in your 9800pro. drop the 2x256MB of ram and go with 2x512MB of pc3200 to take advantage of dual channel, but move to 1gb of pc3200 at all costs. This is critical :)

01-27-05, 12:06 AM
This is what I would do. Pick up a 3.0C (northwood) and if you don't already have one, a good/better air cooler (unless the one you have now is good enough). Sell your current proc and memory, and get a pack of 2x512mb pc3200. I suggest sticking to around $150-$210 total for the RAM. You can get 2 sticks of Corsair XMS3200C2 512MB for about $190-$195. As for video card, stick with your 9800 Pro for now. It's a good card. Wait for R520 to come out or whatever next nVIDIA card will be. It's better for you to wait for a bit of new tech, maybe 512MB cards. :cool:

Also, avoid getting SLI. In my opinion (and shared my others), SLI is rather worthless. First of all, it's completely worthless with 6600 GT's, since in the end, they're still slower than a single 6800 GT, especially when gaming at 1152+ with AA and AF. Second, all it is is some speed boost right now for more than double the money. It's not double the performance for sure. Basically, if you were to get one single 6800 GT right now, it's still amazing performance. Upgrade in 1 year to next generation card, you not only have more than double the performance, but new tech, and you can sell your old card for a profit.

01-27-05, 12:17 AM
You can get 2 sticks of Corsair XMS3200C2 512MB for about $190-$195.

Where did you get that price from ?
EDIT : oops i thought you meant 2x512MB

01-27-05, 12:18 PM
WOW! You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the helpful suggestions.
I'm definitely going to upgrade to a P4 3.0E & the Corsair. Any ideas on a cpu cooler? I've taken a look at this one at a local retailer.

Zalman Cooler (http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=35-118-114&depa=0)

One more thought; I know, I'm too damn analytical :D. What is the general conscensus on Prescott vs. Northwood? This is the CPU I'm looking at.

P4 Prescott 3.0E (http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=19-116-171&depa=0)

01-27-05, 01:05 PM
Go for the Northwood. It takes about a P4 3.2E/3.4E to go head to head with a 3.0C (Northwood) from what I saw at this Tom's review.

The new Prescott at 3.4 GHz behaves pretty much like the 3.2 GHz version. It comes with slightly faster performance at consistent thermal specifications. And once again it is not clearly faster than a Pentium 4 Northwood at the same clock speed, while there are a few applications such as Pinnacle Studio or MPEG 4 encoding with XMPEG/DivX where the Prescott 3.4 GHz even outperforms the P4 Extreme Edition at 3.4 GHz. On the other hand, in Cool Edit Pro 2.1, it is even slower than Northwood 2.8 GHz.

Where did you get that price from ?
EDIT : oops i thought you meant 2x512MB
I did mean 2x512MB.


Corsair TwinX1024-3200C2PT (2.0-3-3-6) and Platinum heatspreader

And by the way, that is a good cooler. It needs mounting holes though. I believe most if not all P4 boards have that. Still, it's worth checking Zalman's website for full compatibility list. I'd buy that cooler if I were you.