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01-26-05, 06:09 PM
First off, Yes, this is also on Guru3D.com forums, so, if you read the same thing there, it's me. Just looking for more opinions from people who don't use both boards. :o

So, here's my problem....
I installed SpeedFan last night and have been playing around with it after work today and i've notice something strange. When it comes to my GPU core temps, speedfan is EXACTLY 10C lower then what RivaTuner and the Nvidia Control Panel are reporting. I've checked the other temperatures (Case amb, CPU, HDD, and they're spot on with my other temperature programs, but for some reason, the GPU temp is just 10C off. Even the GPU ambient temps are the same with Rivatuner and SPeedfan, just the CPU core is off. I'm wondering if there is any way to adjust this, or if this is a known bug in speedfan 4.20 and I should use an earlier version.

To be sure that i'm reading the correct temps, here is what I did.

I've ran Rthdribl and I've monitored the temps in both RvT and Speedfan and I'm sure the temp Im looking at is the GPU core in speedfan. Speedfan temp starts at 40C, and will work it's way up to 62C and I've monitored the heat flux pattern. I also used RivaTuner's hardware monitoring to examine the Core temp and it starts at 50C and works it's way to 72C. They both have the exact same heat flux pattern with respects to time. So, I'm very sure that Speedfan is just 10C lower then RivaTuner and Nvidia control panel temps.

So, that's what I observed. Does anyone else have that problem with speedfan? I'd love to here your results compared to RivaTuner. Please post speedfan/RivaTuner version numbers.

01-27-05, 05:22 PM
Well, I tracked down the sensor and googled it along with speedfan and I found that it's a problem specific with the program. So, if anyone else is using speedfan to monitor their 6800 videocard, be careful, cause speedfan maybe reporting it 10C lower then it really is.

The sensor in question:
Sensor: Remote Temp
Chip: MAX6648 (http://www.almico.com/foruminfo.php?id=1835996)
Bus: I2CNvidia

01-28-05, 10:50 AM
thx for the info.

01-28-05, 06:43 PM
SpeedFan 4.19 (IIRC) added support for a temperature 'offset' for every single temperature it finds. Go into Options|Advanced and add a 10'C offset to each temp one at a time until you see your video card's temp jump up. If I were home I'd tell you the exact chip name, but I'm still at work ;(

On my XFX 6800GT, Speedfan was reporting 26'C low for me. I added a +26'C offset, and now it is matches the temps in coolbits, whether at idle or load.

01-29-05, 07:50 AM
Hey man, thanks for the reply. I just got the same advice from the creator of speedfan from a reply to the email I sent him about my problem. It totally did the trick. My temps in speedfan match up exactly to the temps I see in RivaTuner and Nvidia's control panel. It's a great little program. So far the only one where I can monitor all my system temperatures at once. I hated having 3 different apps running in my taskbar before.

01-29-05, 08:12 AM
I experienced the same. But when i manually measured via thermal sensor, temp. is way lower than what nvidia reads. But there is not such big difference when i measure temp. in my X800 XT PE. My 6800 GT shows 93-95C, but it is not actually that hot in the case when i measure case temp. and compare with XT PE temp.

6800 GT - 95C>>>>>>>>>>>>case 45C
XT PE - 75C>>>>>>>>>>>>>>case 42C