View Full Version : 2x XFX 6800GT + Asus A8N-E = >22k

01-26-05, 08:52 PM
3500+ 90nm @ 11x 233mhz = 2564mhz
A8N-E Deluxe with 1003.05 bios
2x 512MB OCZ PC3700EB Singles @ 233mhz 3-2-2-8 1T
580W Topower 6P686 Adjustable rail psu 35A/12v single rail

2x XFX 6800GT PCI-E stock heatsink and fluffy ram pads

3dmark2003 = 22,135 (http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=3633162)


3dmark05 = 10,219 (http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=521438)


cpu only cooled by Swiftech MCW6002 + MCP650 + MCP600 + Thermochill 120.3 rad

System pictures here (http://fileshosts.com/AMD/Asus/A8NE_Deluxe/web/)

Funny bios thinking my cpu was @ 4829mhz LOL


01-26-05, 09:05 PM
Nice rig! I liked the pics. Although they did make me drool. I can only wish I had the need to upgrade. I think I'm going to hold off for a while. :)

01-26-05, 09:06 PM
Top stuff man, any game benches like HL2? or Doom3 or Far Cry etc?

01-26-05, 09:10 PM
Nice SLI setup man. Just curious though, I was looking at some of your system pics and it looks like you have your memory set up in a single channel config, have you changed that since the pics?


01-26-05, 09:14 PM
yeah ram was put in wrong. since corrected :D

gaming benchies come after i find the system max/optimal settings and clocks :)

01-26-05, 09:18 PM
yeah, thought you had fixed it, CPU-Z was reporting Dual and I was going to be shocked if somehow it was reporting that with the Dimms in A1 and A2 Slots. Congrats on the system.

BTW is your system in an enclosed case yet? what temps are you seeing on the GT's without that big ol fan blowing down on them. One of the things I am struggling with in my rig is the temps on GPU1. Even after installing Dual NV5s



01-26-05, 09:20 PM
nah haven't used a case in 18+ months lol

no cases i like which allow for 4-8 hdds with removable caddie support :)

GPU1 will always be hotter it seems

01-26-05, 09:24 PM
Coolermaster Stacker might work for you with some hot-swap trays. Anyway the way you have it set up without a case, what are your temps like?


01-26-05, 09:53 PM
27C room ambient
GPU1 idle = 59-61C
GPU2 idle = 53-55C

30C room ambient
GPU1 idle = 61-63C
GPU2 idle = 54-59C

load temps = 73-84C :eek:

3500+ 90nm @ 2556mhz at 1.4v
idle = 33-35C
load = 39-40C

01-26-05, 10:02 PM
yeah, well i don't feel so bad now, GPU 1 in my cased rig gets in the high 80s and I am afraid it gets into the low 90s at times. I have some new panaflo fans on the way and I am going to try out a few airflow options to get the ambient temps in my case down. Watercooling is the only option to really get the temps down it would seem.


01-28-05, 08:48 AM
Finally with 1004.01 flashed bios for A8N-E Deluxe done using asusupdate instead of awdflash the fixed LDT multiplier issue has really opened up my SLI system :)

Benchmarks done in 31-31.5C room temps lol

3500+ 90nm @ 11x 250 = 2755mhz
A8N-E Deluxe with 1004.01 bios
2x 256MB KHX3200K2/512 BH-5
580W Topower 6P686 Adjustable rail psu 35A/12v single rail

First the cpu


Sandra2005 Lite
Buffered = 7537 / 7459 (http://fileshosts.com/AMD/Asus/A8NE_Deluxe/results/3500_90nm/kingston/KHX3200K2/3_17/LDT3x/11x/250-250-2226-8-12-2212-1T-1.6-3.6rail-1.67/mem-buff1.jpg)
Unbuffered = 3469 / 3628 (http://fileshosts.com/AMD/Asus/A8NE_Deluxe/results/3500_90nm/kingston/KHX3200K2/3_17/LDT3x/11x/250-250-2226-8-12-2212-1T-1.6-3.6rail-1.67/mem-unbuff1.jpg)
CPU = 12545 / 4512/5767 (http://fileshosts.com/AMD/Asus/A8NE_Deluxe/results/3500_90nm/kingston/KHX3200K2/3_17/LDT3x/11x/250-250-2226-8-12-2212-1T-1.6-3.6rail-1.67/cpu.jpg)
CPU Multimedia = 26213 / 28302 (http://fileshosts.com/AMD/Asus/A8NE_Deluxe/results/3500_90nm/kingston/KHX3200K2/3_17/LDT3x/11x/250-250-2226-8-12-2212-1T-1.6-3.6rail-1.67/cpu-media.jpg)

Pifast = 43.33 (http://fileshosts.com/AMD/Asus/A8NE_Deluxe/results/3500_90nm/kingston/KHX3200K2/3_17/LDT3x/11x/250-250-2226-8-12-2212-1T-1.6-3.6rail-1.67/pifast_43-33.jpg) s

1M = 30 (http://fileshosts.com/AMD/Asus/A8NE_Deluxe/results/3500_90nm/kingston/KHX3200K2/3_17/LDT3x/11x/250-250-2226-8-12-2212-1T-1.6-3.6rail-1.67/superpi-1m.jpg) S
2m = 1min 10s (http://fileshosts.com/AMD/Asus/A8NE_Deluxe/results/3500_90nm/kingston/KHX3200K2/3_17/LDT3x/11x/250-250-2226-8-12-2212-1T-1.6-3.6rail-1.67/superpi-2m.jpg)

Read = 7336 (http://fileshosts.com/AMD/Asus/A8NE_Deluxe/results/3500_90nm/kingston/KHX3200K2/3_17/LDT3x/11x/250-250-2226-8-12-2212-1T-1.6-3.6rail-1.67/everest-read.jpg) MB/s
Write = 2404 (http://fileshosts.com/AMD/Asus/A8NE_Deluxe/results/3500_90nm/kingston/KHX3200K2/3_17/LDT3x/11x/250-250-2226-8-12-2212-1T-1.6-3.6rail-1.67/everest-write.jpg) MB/s
Latency = 36.5 (http://fileshosts.com/AMD/Asus/A8NE_Deluxe/results/3500_90nm/kingston/KHX3200K2/3_17/LDT3x/11x/250-250-2226-8-12-2212-1T-1.6-3.6rail-1.67/everest-latency.jpg) ns

3dmark2003 v360
2x XFX 6800GT PCI-E SLI @ stock 350/1000 = 20,149 (http://fileshosts.com/AMD/Asus/A8NE_Deluxe/results/3500_90nm/kingston/KHX3200K2/3_17/LDT3x/11x/250-250-2226-8-12-2212-1T-1.6-3.6rail-1.67/3dmark/3dmark2003_350-1000_20149.jpg) - compare url

here (http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=3639036)

So far can do SuperPI 32M

Cpu still only cooled by Swiftech MCW6002 + MCP650 + MCP600 + Thermochill 120.3 rad

01-28-05, 09:04 AM
Nice rig! Looks like the crew over at vBulletin is compensating you well :)

SLI looks mighty tempting. NVIDIA provided us with a couple of 6600GT's so I went out and bought an Asus A8N-E Deluxe so we could review them. But the 6800GT is a much better choice for an SLI setup.

01-28-05, 09:15 AM
hey MikeC how ya doin ? :D looks at bottom of forum and version 3.0.3. .. hmm updated lately ;)

01-31-05, 09:24 AM
weird stuff happening now... wanting to get an approved ORB score i ghost imaged my OS to no driver state and installed 66.93 drivers and now

1. nvidia panel has my GPU and ambient temps mixed up, GPU shows 40C and ambient shows 60-65C idle lol But ntune shows correct GPU temps

2. the SLI bar when enabled in 71.24 split vertical bar in middle and when up and down in that bar, but 66.93 the horizontal line is the one that moves and vertical bar is just full green filled color ?

3. 3d2k3 score when SLI enabled is lower i.e. stock cpu with card at 395/1000 = 3d2k3 of 15,350!