View Full Version : Nvidia 66.93 not loading games NOR overlay color settings

01-26-05, 10:31 PM
In the 66.93 drivers you can setup the game profiles to connect with a
predefined color profile (in addition to other image/quality settings)

And this works great - UNTIL you reboot the PC :-/

Next time you boot and launch a game all game settings are applied
(like AA, VSYNC etc) BUT the color profile IS NOT applied :-(

If you then go into the profile setup, select the game profile and
just click "Apply", then restart the game, THEN the color profile is
applied as it should (but next time you reboot it's not applied again)

Further on, if you have several games profiles, you need to click
"Apply" on all of them to make them use the color profile :-)

Just found out that the brightness for "Overlay/VMR"
(like video playback inside Media Player) is not restored at boot
either (it's not restored until you open the control panel and select
the "Color correction" panel). Just like the games profiles :-(

But: The mail (desktop) color settings ARE restored at boot)
(maybe they didn't check if the other settings worked, or :-)

Can someone at Nvidia check this? The possibility to apply color
profiles is new in 66.93, but it's a great feature, so it's sad that
is doesn't work. Or is there a fix (something I can run at boottime to
"load" all the color profile data without having to do it manually)?

PS! Anyone know how to get this feedback to the right Nvidia persons?

01-29-05, 01:36 AM
Hmmm... Have tested some more drivers... Status so far...

44.03 - Overlay color settings are restored at boot
45.23 - Overlay color settings are restored at boot
61.77 - Overlay color settings are NOT restored at boot
66.93 - Overlay color settings are NOT restored at boot

So this problem did not come with 66.93, but it got worse there as the color profiles for the games profiles (new feature) are not loaded either, but that might be the same bug (all are color stuff :-)

The main desktop color settings are restored however :-/

Strenge no one else has noticed this, can anyone help test?
Could this be a problem not affecting newer card (have a 4200)?

01-29-05, 01:38 AM
Why don't you test the new 66.77's or 71.50's? People seem to like them.

01-29-05, 01:43 AM
From the intro text files I got the expression that these did not support older card (I have a GeForce4 4200 card). Besides, if no one else have problems with loading the color profiles, and no one has reported it as a bug.. Well...

I can't understand why I always find these strange "bugs". My system is quite standard. Are no one else using color/gamma/brightness correstions for games and overlay (if they do there's got be other people experiencing this)

A "yes, we can confirm this" and even better "and this will be fixed" would save my day (I'm a bit tired of trying to get through, have has this discussion with Asus before with their drivers - back then it was "Vsync On" not working)

01-29-05, 01:45 AM
Why don't you test the new 66.77's or 71.50's? People seem to like them.

BTW: Since the "overlay color not restored at boot" is in both 61.77 and 66.93, why should it then work in 66.77 (that in between those two :-)

I can't see this beeing anything wrong here, since it's working in 44.03 and 45.23 (but they are old, and lack the "game profile" stuff I'd really like :-)