View Full Version : Obscure (PC-DVD) + demo

01-27-05, 12:50 AM
Well since I have completed which I believe to be the good games which have come out recently (which isnt that many) I was looking for a new one.

Obscure has instantly caught my eye purely because it has one thing every other game seems to just rudely ignore and that's co-op. Has anyone got this for PC, because I am really interested to know if the co-op can be played over a lan or not. The specs say "controller required for co-op play" which does not sound good at all.

Anyone interested there is a demo --> here (http://www.obscure-game.com/demo/obscure_demo.exe)

Website can be found --> here (http://www.obscure-game.com/fr/index.htm)

01-27-05, 02:14 AM
Check it out:

Most people said it was pretty good