View Full Version : advice on tools to buy

11-25-02, 03:30 PM
i'm Just starting to learn to put computers together and i need to buy my own tools,
(i get nasty looks from my husband when i forget to put his away)
what would you guys recomend?

11-25-02, 03:33 PM
The only thing I use is a medium sized Phillips-head screwdriver and my fingers. Somtimes you need a small flat-head screwdriver for the CPU cooler clips, but that's it...

11-25-02, 03:39 PM
I've also found a 3-Pronged Parts Retriever, or a pair of tweezers to come in really handy if you drop a screw or jumper in the system.

11-25-02, 03:40 PM
My former college roomie had a computer screwdriver set that had a bunch of different sizes for everything from loosening case bolts to attaching add-on cards into PCI slots. The tools were small enough where they could fit even in the tightest case.

Check your local computer shop as they might have something similar.

Also, get yourself a decent flatehead screwdriver for securing down CPU clips (if you're building AMD systems regularly).

11-25-02, 04:05 PM
Thanks Matthyahuw for the quick help, and saturnotaku
i'll go to a computer shop and see what they have, before i saw a set fo 30$ but i didn't think i would need all that, thanks for helping me with this.
i got my own tweezers Nephilim so i wont get in trubble for those!

11-25-02, 06:02 PM
matty's right...but it depends on what type of PC work you doing...if you into networking and stuff..you might need a cat 5 cable maker and tester.. etc. etc..