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01-27-05, 02:16 PM
So I can get SLI to work just fine through the DB-15 analong out on my 6600GT. If I try to hook up my Sony 34" CRT HDTV (KD-34XS955), it won't let me turn on SLI if I have the HDTV set as my primary monitor. It says something about not showing up through your second graphics card, but it's connected to the DVI out on my first 6600GT. I also tried doing this with my computer hooked up via just component video, I was able to apply the SLI settings and reboot the computer, but the computer behaves very odd once it's back into windows. The sound crackles (digitally), and some of the menus take forever to load (I just bagged this and didn't investigate it much more).

So in the end the only way I'm able to get it working is on a little Nu 17" LCD that I had lying around, that is hooked up analog. The way I want it though is to be able to hook it up via the DVI to my HDTV, but I can't do this. I suspect that the nView page can't be used at all when SLI is running, but it is required for a pure digital display like an HDTV.

I tried:

I spent $200 on my A8N-SLI Deluxe, and then $360 for my MSI 6600 GT's. That's $560 I spent on something that I can't even get to display a picture on my $2000 HDTV :(.

Please NVIDIA answer my problems in your next driver release, I know that the target group of people who have HTPC's hooked up to their HDTV's is very small, but I need this to work very soon. It sucks having a second card just sitting in my system disabled.

If anyone here has suggestions, I would love to talk about it. Thanks!

01-27-05, 02:57 PM
Hi SpeedDemon

How are you hooking it too the HDTV? Are you using the DVI connectors directly to the HDTV or are you using a transcoder box to the R,G and B.

01-27-05, 03:17 PM
Set your HDTV as primary display

SLI wont work with dual screens.

01-27-05, 04:20 PM
It doesn't work even if I set the HDTV as the primary display. It acts really wierd when I set it up using the component video outputs, although I'm actually able to enable it this way, but only if the HDTV isn't connected via DVI at the same time.

If I boot the computer up with just the HDTV connected via DVI(if it matters I'm in 720p mode), it won't let me enable SLI. After I check the box it says:
Your displays, which are attached to your secondary graphics card, will appear blank when SLI is enabled.

This is because your secondary graphics card will accelerate your primary card.

Connect your display to the primary graphics card when your system restarts.Then when I click apply the check mark goes away, and I'm not able to enable SLI. I've tried this with the drivers all listed above. Extremely frustrating!

Someone please help. I'm running dual MSI 6600GT's.

P.S. I thought I should add that even though it says that I of course have everything connected to the top 6600.

01-27-05, 04:56 PM
I just got off the phone with MSI and they're telling me that SLI is only supported through the Analog DB-15 out.... what kind of a response is that. I purchased these cards with faith in MSI; they ha better stand behind their product.

01-27-05, 06:46 PM

The way I use to run my computer thru my HDTV was with a transcoder. This transcoder would take the vga out and convert it to Component R,G,B which your HDTV works with.


The other way by your card is that you have to take the box they gave you in the package that has an S-Video end to a larger box with Component R,G,B connectors on the end of it.

You can get it to work it is actually inmo the drivers, you have first plug your crt or lcd to the dvi connector and then plug the tv out module you got with msi card. Next you have buy a set of HDTV cables to connect from the module to your HDTV - Component Cables. Now once you have that setup you should be able to goto nvidia driver properties and setup your TV display there. I believe in this setup you will need to have your monitor still connected though, the ATI support HDTV much better than Nvidia inmo.