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01-27-05, 10:04 PM
along w/ my new gigabyte k8nxpsli motherboard. just gotta save up a lil and get one more 6600gt so hehe...

hey ati...

na na naaaah na, na na naaaah na, heeeeeeey goodbye!!!!!!!! :afro:

01-27-05, 10:41 PM
Nice system! I think im gonna head with a SLI setup this summer depending on ATI's next move.

I read his post in the wrong way last night and I apologize, nice buy man.

01-27-05, 10:48 PM
Why dont you just learn to take a joke? He was only kidding. Jeez.

01-27-05, 10:58 PM
actually, i think he was singing the goodbye song so well known from "remember the titans", which means he has finally gotten rid of his ATi card.

01-27-05, 11:01 PM
Honestly, are you a fanATIc? The guy was just happy about his new purchase and the fact that it beat his previous ATI card. He never said anything about a flaming thread or manufacturer supremacy, he just said in HIS experience, HE would never go back to ATI again. Then proceeded to the song lol. Admittedly I did the same thing way back in the day going from my 9800Pro to a 6800U so it's NORMAL. Just don't make a mess all over the card like some people.

From MY experience, people on this forum are much more friendly and willing to help than on rage, which makes buying an Nvidia card even sweeter. That and SM3.0 sealed the deal for me. emailthatguy, Good luck with your new card!

01-28-05, 02:51 AM
heh exactly, just my way of announcing ill be over here most of the time and yeah im pretty stoaked about my purchase. =D

my only gripe so far is nvidia firewall and the nvidia network setting, i could barely connect to games w/ that stuff installed but soon as i ripped out out, the performace kicked right back up where it should be.

what im lookin forward most to is linux support for my mobo. the biggest thing that made me start getting grey hairs as an ati person was the friggin awful linux support. nvidia's has always been so much better and im really excited about finally being able to use it once its ready (i figure ill give it a shot in a few months once im a lil more familiar w/ my setup in windows)

yeah my 6600GT is only about as fast as my last 9800xt but hey, it seemed to make more sense to pickup a setup like this on pcix thats a lil more future proof motherboard wise than to dump 400 or so bucks on an agp video card that would probobly end up being the last agp vid card i own anyway. sure i wanted better performance but givin what i could spend yesterday, this path allows me to pickup a second 6600gt in a couple months when i have a lil more money and my performance will be right where id like it to be on my 19" viewsonic crt (something most people i think overlook is whats really the best performance for the display they own rather than what some website says).

1280x1024 is perfect for me. 100hz on my display so dual 6600gt's will be plenty good for me ya know ;-)

then when i can afford some better display (id kill for a lacie blue 22, god that things sexy) then ill probobly be able to afford something like dual 6800gt's =D

01-28-05, 03:45 AM
Eh... what the hell I think I'll join ya. Just ordered a Gigabyte 6600GT AGP from Newegg this moment. I'm very pleased with Gigabyte's quality... but I really have not been that satisfied with my Gigabyte FX5900XT since purchasing it in May, it almost felt like nothing more than a GF4TI on steroids. Truth is I wanted some AA/AF & DX9 support, and the FX5900XT has failed me at both, all it did was give me more frames per second in raw performance. My benchmarks suck for such a sexy CPU meaning I have not been utilizing my potential, I still can barely use AA/AF, HL2 runs in DX8.1 mode, etc.

Bye bye FX, nice knowing you :rolleyes: I'll give you a nice home at ebay very soon :D

01-28-05, 07:53 AM
hey since were talkin bout it. any idea how come i was getting 15k pings w/ nvidia firewall and active armor running? uninstalling all that stuff seemed to help but it would be kinda cool to have it back it being a feature i kinda dig.

if anyone knows could ya give me something step by step? this is my first nv mobo

01-28-05, 08:23 PM
So you're going to buy another one... You might want to think again if you watch a lot of tv/video on your computer, or check if you have a working brightness control on the video overlay for your new card before getting another one. I also just bought one of these cards and it does not have brightness controls that work (it has a brightness control in windows, but it has no effect). It is the same for the two 6600 GT cards I've tested at work.

For me, this card is just useless because I spend about 10 times (or more) time watching/using video than playing quake etc. Getting 3 times the fps 10% of the time does not make up for tv & videos being invisible (because it's too dark) the other 90% of the time.

Even though I've bought 4 nvidia cards (and an nforce) over the last few years, after getting this piece of rubbish which it seems has been deliberately designed that way, I won't be buying anything nvidia again without having already tried it out from one at work or one someone else has bought or something. My MX440, GF3 Ti200, and GF4 Ti4200 are all better than this 6600 GT.

I also made the mistake of buying a radeon 9200 a while ago which was pretty bad, so I am not trying to endorse the competition either.

01-28-05, 09:24 PM
ummm... did you read my post at all? im going to buy another one to run it in sli mode. i.e. two cards running at the same time on the same application? wow umm... i dont even know what to say. do you know what sli is and how it works?

i watch tv on mine just fine. use my tv tuner card as my pc is my tv is my gaming is my everything else.

01-29-05, 11:58 PM
yes I read your post - your first one at least - I dont remember reading the larger one a bit further down. My point is, I thought you might not have noticed some of its defects yet, and having two of the same useless card isnt going to help (I would guess). I know a little bit about SLI that I read a while ago - I have forgotten the details. I don't even remember if each card controls a different display or if they cooperate to still drive one. Still, maybe having two of them hooked up will give you 2x the frame rate - or maybe you'll get two overlays instead of one, but I doubt you'll suddenly get brightness controls on your overlays. But then again maybe you will and maybe nvidias plan is to remove standard features from their cards so that you have to buy two SLI models.

I was just trying to help someone possibly avoid having the same probs that I have with my new card (I also bought it only a week ago). If your card does have overlay brightness controls, or if you dont care and dont need them, then I guess you have nothing to worry about. Do you watch tv under linux? Do you have xv brightness controls there? My problem is I dont know if my card is just defective (in which case I could return it) or if nvidia has done this deliberately.

01-30-05, 06:28 AM
umm... ok sli is all over the net. i honestly dont know how you can come here and not know what it means or does, but i guess ill explain it.

sli motherboards allow you to run two of the same sli capable video cards so that they work together to give you better performance. theres a lot more to it than that but thats the gist of it. different from the 3dfx sli of old but still very cool.

as far as brightness control. i dont really have a problem w/ it.

01-30-05, 04:40 PM
hey since were talkin bout it. any idea how come i was getting 15k pings w/ nvidia firewall and active armor running? uninstalling all that stuff seemed to help but it would be kinda cool to have it back it being a feature i kinda dig.

if anyone knows could ya give me something step by step? this is my first nv mobo

still lookin for an answer to this question

01-31-05, 03:22 PM
I also noticed that there was something strange with the overlay settings, not to mension the tv settings in general. This is in Windows by the way. For me the brightness slider works, but it is much less sensitive than on my old card. also the settings don't take effect by just dragging the slider, you have to push apply too. try to set it to 160 % and you will see a difference. I also noticed that if you are using vmr9 as the renderer, the settings have no effect at all.

The tv-out screen position settings are also broken. You can't save them with the presets. And if you think you have found a good position that you want to keep, some movies just overrides your settings. For example playing a movie with subtitles make the screen go to max overscan. I've always used TV Tool before for these kind of settings, but it isn't supportet on the Geforce 6 cards because nvidia won't give out the information needed to implement the TV-chip in the cards.

By the way. I'm using the latest non-beta drivers, 66.93

01-31-05, 05:56 PM
blah screw it ill make another thread in mobos for my question