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Darth Rancid
01-29-05, 07:42 AM
I have just converted to water cooling.

Read more here (http://kundweb.netatonce.com/~b16272/div/reserator/) if you like...

01-29-05, 07:50 AM
Resorator is huge, I seen it in a shop and performance is good as indicated in many reviews including yours.

But, IMHO I just don't like the radiator...kinda like an eye sore :)

01-29-05, 08:19 AM
I don't mind the look of the Reserator1..(of course, I don't have the big blue monstrasity sitting next to my PC either..hehehe ;) ). The problem with it, is the Reserator 1 works fine for lower and mid-level stock setups.....but if you ever used it for a high-end CPU\vid card ....you'd quickly find the limits of its cooling capacity and forget OCing.....

01-29-05, 10:15 AM
why on earth are you watercooling a 9500 pro :eek: ? Just wondering

01-29-05, 10:48 AM
Very sweet setup, nice pics!

That has to be the most polished block ive ever saw!

Darth Rancid
01-29-05, 10:56 AM
why on earth are you watercooling a 9500 pro :eek: ? Just wondering

Well... why not? :D
I hate fans, sooner or later the ball bearing in them go bad and they start making squeaky noises. That's why. I got the Reserator for two main reasons:

1) Get rid of as many fans as possible.
2) It is geeky and cool! :D

I agree the Rad95Pro does not need any extreme cooling, neither does it really benefit from it, but I benefit from losing that old Thermaltake fan that was cooling it before!

Thanks for all the replies, by the way. :)

02-01-05, 02:37 AM
Yes, the reserator is very nice, very quiet :D