View Full Version : Win XP nba live 2003 problem

11-25-02, 10:35 PM
Has anyone else not been able to play nba live 2003 with a leadtek geforce 4 ti 4400???

Me and a friend can install it but not play on xp. He has p4 I have amd xp 1500. It starts to loead and the screen goes black with a larger than normal white hourglass. Only thing to do then is turn off the pc and reboot for ctrl alt delete does nothing.

My system dual boots xp or 98 and on 98 No problems at all.

The xp service pack 1 does not do anything to help either.

Seems I did read somewhere that there is a problem with the nv4.dll on microsoft or nvidia's or ea's site. I also heard mention of a problem between directx 8.1 and nvidia drivers on xp.

11-25-02, 10:48 PM
nope..nba live 2k3 works fine with my ti 4200. i'd say update to the latest 41.03 drivers, of if you want whql get the 40.72. and grab direct x 9 rc0, its official should be easily found on microsoft site. also try running REGSVR32.exe msdxm.ocx in command, or have it start up with windows. before you load up nba 2k3 of course. i have to do that for nhl2002, i'm not sure if it helps for my other ea sports games.