View Full Version : Wut are the best Nvidia Drivers

11-26-02, 12:51 AM
I have a epox 8kha+ mobo w/ 4.43v 4in1 drivers. My computer specs are AMD XP 1800+ w/ a Gainward Geforce 3 Ti200, 512 of DDR ram, and Running Windows 98se. I wanna hear suggestions of the best drivers for this system. Please Reply

11-26-02, 03:32 PM
I kinda Stopped seeing speed increases since the 23.12's with GF3 cards. But to take advantage of other features like Digital Vibrance i guess i recommend the 41.03's

11-29-02, 04:28 AM

11-29-02, 05:20 AM
very comprehensive. the part about IQ at the end was a very welcome addition.

however, a few points
1) he has a gf3
2) as such, many people claim that for stock performance, the 23.11 drivers offered the fastest stock speeds.

with that said, i'll add my own comments
1) 28.90 drivers offer faster Anisotropic Filtering scores, even for gf3
2) 3x.xx drivers with Riva Tuner offer even faster AF scores than 28.90
3) 28.90+ drivers have better IQ than previous drivers like 23.11