View Full Version : Ti-4200 drivers test AND test of overlay/ games color bugs

01-30-05, 11:26 AM
OK, I spent half the weekend testing drivers for my Ti-4200 card to find the fastest driver AND to try to find a driver that loaded overlay color settings and games profiles color setting after reboot (without having to apply again).

Not a success as you can see. None of the drivers in the 6x.xx and 7x.xx series work well on a 4200 card (some feedback I got is that it works on 6x.xx cards though).

The other settings for games profiles work (quality etc) but not colors profiles after boot (they work just after jo apply them in the control panel as long as you don't boot, that's tru for the overlay color setting as well). Only thing that works is that the desktop color settings are restored at boottime (I guess they couldn't have missed if this disn't work :-)

So it would seem that no one cares about us that bought 42xx series cards anymore :-(
I have not managed to get any comment or feedback from Nvidia either :-(

Well the test results might be interesting for all 4xxx cards owners anyway, right :-)
Any if anyone else can confirm the problem OR have a solution then please tell me!

Driver Overlay Games 3dMark 3dMark 3dMark
version color profile 2000 2001 03
restored colors
after work
boot after

44.03 Yes n/a 12182 11082 1473
45.23 Yes n/a 12056 10472 1460
56.64 Yes n/a 11702 10078 1434
56.72 Yes n/a 11723 10012 1430
61.77 No No 11467 10013 1596
66.93 No No 11309 9856 1603
67.03 No No 11277 9824 1602
67.66 No No 11301 9816 1599
71.21 No No 11326 9781 1606