View Full Version : nForce Audio 2.57 and DVD Decoder

01-30-05, 01:30 PM
Hi there

I did a fresh install of WinXP on my nForce2 board recently.
I then managed to upgrade the audio drivers included in the nForce 5.10 package to the new 4.57 version.
I used the 5.10 installer to do this.

This was successfull as confirmed by the system utility.
I then went on to install the DVD Decoder.
Then I tested by inserting a DVD.. :fu:

Well, I got stuttering and gargling all the way..
So I learnt the hard way that the two are NOT compatible on an nForce2 board with an FX5900 card.
This was quite surprising since all software IS from nVidia.

Any case, another thing with DVD Decoder on nForce2:

** It seems to hang if you change chapters by double-clicking them in chapter list when using full mode in WMP.

** Mouse cursor changes to hourglass and stays there.

** This isn't noticeable in skin mode or full screen modes, oddly enough.
** Changing modes back to full mode reveals an hourglass when mousing over the chapter list (after double clicking any chapter).

I find this quite annoying myself, wanted to know if there's anyone else with the problem?

I don't know if there's a point to posting here but nVidia tech support turned out to be non-existing?
I can't login and there's no support for that..

This is a ** bug report ** as far as I'm concerned.
Anyone know where to report nVidia bugs?? (naw)