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01-31-05, 04:07 PM
Hi im new here =), I have a problem and Ive been seeking for the fix since august 2004, and I hope I can find it here.

early 2004 I bought a geforcefx 5600xt 256mb from prolink and I still use it, I WAS very happy with it, but as every1 knows the 5600xt is very slow and a nice overclocking can be done with it, the lastest driver that I can use is the 56.72 (April 1st) and it sux on newer games, I cant overclocking with the 6x.xx and 70.xx drivers, when I try to overclock, it makes my performance even worse, like underclocking it, I need to overclock so I can play doom3, farcry, splintercell and cs:s with a good fps and game problems fixed, I need a fix for the overclocking bug so I can play games again, I posted this on many forums but I found no fix for this...

I hope some1 know the fix for the bug and tell me, plz.