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02-01-05, 11:00 AM
FYI: I recently upgraded my system to SLI with 2 BFG 6800 GT PCI-E's. With only 1 card in the box, it worked well with a host of resolutions/ refresh rates (I typically forced 85 at all resolution settings so my monitor geometry would be fixed). When I installed the second card in SLI mode, I didn't have any problems getting SLI up and running and got an initial 3dmark05 of 8500. Then I attempted to play games (HL2, Far Cry, etc.) None would work, they would just freeze within 5 seconds of executing. I checked voltage with a multimeter, tried a bunch of drivers, disabled just about everthing in an attempt to figure out what was going on. Finally, I figured out the issue seemes to be when the system changed refresh rates between the desktop and the application causing it to hang. As soon as removed the forced refresh rates in the NVIDIA control panel, everything worked fine. I am running a CRT (NEC 1250+) with the DVI-CRT adaptor. It took me about 4 hours of testing to figure this out so I hope this helps someone.

I guess that 3Dmark05 was not changing refresh rates between my desktop and the application, but my games were. After tweaking my system, I'm getting 9200 in 3dmark05, 120fps in CS:S stress test at 12x16 4/8. HL and Far Cry have never looked better and are smooth as silk. I just have to run everything at a refresh rate of 75. I know that there have been many issues with DVI resolutions, but I couldn't find anything on CRT until mine.

If anyone has any other ideas or comments, I'd like to hear from those with experience.


A8N-SLI, BIOS 1003
A64 3500+ with Zalman copper monster
2 BFG 6800GT PCI-E (SLI)
1GB Corsair XMS (512 each)
2 SATA IBM's in Raid 0 on the NV Controler
Plextor DVD RW
Antec NeoPower 480
Too many fans

02-01-05, 11:22 AM
I had the same problem when setting up my SLI system. Having had similar problems in the past I suspected the cause. Downloaded new nvidia drivers and uninstalled the old ones plus used driver cleaner just to be on the safe side. After installing the new driver I used refreshforce to force refresh rates and everything works perfectly now with a standard refresh rate of 85 on most games with my crt.
All gaming is done at 1280x1024 or 1600x1200 on my machine btw.