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02-02-05, 07:01 AM
I rebuilt a system for a friend: XP2400+(TB) \ 512mb PC2700SC ram \ GF4 4400 128mb \ WinXP SP2. I reinstalled his WoW and in play testing the game it was choppy as hell ......even minimizing Graphics and res to 800x600 didn't help much...After, I thought; whoever said this game was for giving to lower and mid level systems was way off base. :rolleyes:
Later, I installed a 2nd copy of WoW on my #2 machine(can't have too much WoW..hehe) an XP2500+(Bart) \ 512mb PC3200DC ram \ FX5700 128mb \ WinXP SP2 ....I couldn't believe how bad the game ran...just as choppy as the older system...again I tried min graphics and no AA \ AF...turned the "hardware" cursor off...even defraged the HD's, but it still runs choppy. Especially turning in a "busy" area, there is and actual pause on both systems.
On my main system (sig)....I can't get the game to flinch, its silk smooth no matter what....I run it completely maxed with 4x\8x AA-AF. I can't believe there is such a performance difference. I'm thinking it might me the amount of system memory.....
Anyone else playing WoW on a machine with 512mb of system memory(or less) and experiencing this type of performance?

02-02-05, 07:12 AM
well 1st off your friends mx440 is ass

edit gah wait sorry i read that wrong :D

02-02-05, 07:31 AM
My system is a XP 2500+ with 512 MB of PC2700 RAM and a 6800NU. Runs WoW perfectly smooth at 1024x768 with everything turned up to high.

02-02-05, 08:25 AM
My system is a XP 2500+ with 512 MB of PC2700 RAM and a 6800NU. Runs WoW perfectly smooth at 1024x768 with everything turned up to high.

That sounds more like it.....Could the Gfx cards matter that much for this game? I can't believe anyone would produce a game that would run so bad on a mid-level system, doesn't make sense.

I got a second stick of 512mb PC2700 for the older machine, I'll test later on 1gb.

02-02-05, 10:44 AM
I have 512mb and it runs fine, although I should upgrade to 1GB. Of course then I'll be forced to upgrade my processor and graphics card, then of course I will need a new motherboard, then a new monitor. You see where this is going of course.

02-02-05, 10:50 AM
Its most likely the graphics card causing the slow downs. If lowering the resolution makes it more playable, then thats what it is.

And, I appologize to anyone whos a fan of this game, but I'll never understand how someone can make a cartoon-ish looking game run bad on recent hardware. The whole purpose of all the new features is to make games look more life-like. When a game's goal isnt to look realistic, why the hell are they using features that make the system requirements skyrocket :rolleyes:

02-02-05, 10:54 AM

Watch the video under "See it in Action!" on this page.

Ninja Prime
02-02-05, 01:16 PM
I seem to recall some kind of problem with Xp sp2 and WoW, maybe you should try reverting to Sp1 and see if it fixes it?

02-02-05, 04:52 PM
All I have too say is I've never seen such a performance increase from adding RAM.
WoW with 1gb of RAM (on the 2400+ \ Ti4400), is a completely different experiance, than the chuggy mess that it is with 512mb. With 1gb its smooth and very playable at 1024x768.

Looks like my #2 system is getting an upgrade, too :rolleyes:

02-02-05, 05:15 PM
A friend of mine is playing wow in a 2.2Ghz P4, 256Mb PC2700 DDR and Geforce 2 MX. It's still far from choppy. he's gettin a constant 25-30 FPS.

02-03-05, 08:45 AM
What? 25-30 is far from choppy, am I understanding you right here?!