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11-26-02, 03:09 PM
Hichic, I have to tell the truth that I'm really tired with those low bandwidth AMD, I'll move to Intel, my possible pick is PIV 2.4 GHZ, 512 Cache, FSB 533, And I want a mobo from MSI, Abit, or Asustek, which at the moment meets the following qualities

1. USB 2.0 (compulsory :-))
2. Lan Onboard
4. AGP 8x
5. Support recently released Intel 3Ghz
6. Good Performance & Stability
7. Rich in Overclocking
8. Price <= $130

Please help me and If possible show me the link to the product details, and price, thank you very much indeed.

11-26-02, 03:35 PM
Heh, P4's are getting old :p 200Mhz DDR FSB + 200Mhz Dual-Channel DDR is what im talking about..... with a Barton CPU of course.

11-26-02, 03:49 PM
I've checked P4 motherboards that have similar features to what you mentioend and the only one that has all of those is the Asus P4S8X, which as many will tell you, is a cr@p board. Problems left and right have been plaguing it.

Other boards from the makers you mentioned are missing one or more of the features you described.

11-26-02, 04:13 PM
I think most Intel boards are good for that now. If you are willing to wait and pay a higher price, the Gigabyte Granite Bay motherboard can't be beat.;) By that time 3.06 Ghz P4's price should have dropped somewhat, but I don't think we'll see those GNB mobos soon.

11-27-02, 04:07 AM
Oh I cannot wait, GNB sound so far, How about the P4G8X.

11-30-02, 12:36 AM
The p4pe will get you everything you listed except the AGP8X support. However, it'll cost you over $130...

11-30-02, 10:57 AM
P4PE, If it is OK I'll take one, please tell me more ohoffman10 Thank you.

11-30-02, 12:24 PM
My experience has been good with the P4PE. It is certainly a much more stable motherboard than the piece of junk P4S8X that I purchased originally. I use the on-board LAN and on-board soundmax audio and have had no issues with either so far. If you want specifics I would suggest checking the asus website. There are a couple different versions and it sounds like you'll want the "gold" edition that has the RAID support. I would suggest going to pricewatch and checking there for prices. Do a search for P4PE.