View Full Version : Any cards use PCI-x bandwidth yet?

02-03-05, 12:46 PM
Hey all,

I'm just curious if any new cards have been made to take advantage of PCI-x and the extra bandwidth it provides. Are there any Soundcards, Video Capture/TV Tuners, SATA or SCSI controllers or anything that has been made specifically for PCI-x.

I'm fully aware of the new videocards that uses the 16X PCI-e standard, but I'm wondering if any perifreal cards have been redesigned to use the faster PCI-x.

This is one area where I don't know much about. So if this is a stupid question, please forgive. Thanks, Mike

02-03-05, 01:05 PM
I've seen some TV cards or something at Best Buy. I didn't really look close because at the time I thought PCI-x was just another abbreviation for PCIe.