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02-04-05, 06:01 AM
Hey i am the lucky owner af a PoV 6800GT. But i have a big problem with the card. In EVEREST home edition http://www.lavalys.com/products/overview.php?pid=1&lang=en&pageid=1 it tells me that my gfx card runs at x4 instead of x8 as it should. This gives me a huge performance cap i guess and makes my computer crash too i think. Why does it do this? in the bios it is set to auto.

Pls help me

My specs are.

Mobo: Chaintech VNF-250(50degrees idle)
CPU: AMD A64 3200+(33degrees idle)
GFX: PoV 6800 GT (53degrees idle)
RAM: Kingston 3x512mb PC3200
PSU: Chill-innovation 400w

02-04-05, 06:18 AM
there isnt much speed difference between 4x and 8x at all and shouldnt crash your computer. i would look at differant things. run virus scans and make sure you dont have any spyware by running spybot, ad-aware or spy sweeper maybe even all 3.

02-04-05, 06:24 AM
My computer is perfectly clean, i use spybot, ad-aware, the cleaner og AWG antivirus very often. And i just formatet my computer a month ago.

02-04-05, 07:13 AM
Try to force AGP 8x in your BIOS, make sure you have the latest chipset/AGP driver installed for your motherboard, check in the Forceware driver control panel and SiSoft Sandra to corroborate what the other program is reporting.

02-04-05, 07:42 AM
some bios have an auto option which will run the card at its most stable. if that Auto option is there then a 8x and a 4x option will also be there. put it to 8x and give it a try. I had this problem with my gigabyte board.

02-04-05, 07:53 AM
If everyone's suggestions still can't get you to 8x and you're stuck running at 4x, don't be worried about the performance cap. There is at most a 2% difference between 8x and 4x, and most of the time, the difference is less then a half of a percent. Check this article out (http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/view.php?cid=3&id=604&pg=3) from Hardwarezone.com. They've done some good benchmarks with the 5900 series and have documented that there's nothing to worry about if you can only run your agp card at 4x.

02-04-05, 09:07 AM
Thanks for the suggestions guys. Just one problem. In my bios i only have the options

(and one more i cant remember, but its not x8)

Is there a program that can force it to run x8?

02-04-05, 08:36 PM
In line with what has been said already-
I can only run my 6600GT at 4X AGP on a KT880 board. Setting the transfer rate to 8X will cause the system to 'hitch', 'hang', and 'sound-loop'. I have, however managed to run some benchmarks at 8X, and I can tell you there is almost no difference at all between 8X and 4X. Feel free to try running the card at 8, but if you're stuck with 4X you're fine. Maybe your board is actually doing you a favor- saving you the irritation of troubleshooting problems!