View Full Version : Problems with my 6600gt

02-04-05, 04:48 PM
Well i purchased my nice new 6600gt and as far as i know i installed it properly i read the instructions plugged in the power supply installed the drivers etc.. soo im having a good time playing eq2 btw it looks great on this card, i leave my computer on all night and come to work the next day my g/f calls me saying that my computer smells funny. I think my card is overheating but it was working fine the previous night. Any ideas? Also i forgot to uninstall all of my old video drivers and files but i didnt think this would effect anything plz help. another thing when i see pics on the internet if i scroll fast my video card chops the image and then the screen lags a minute and goes back to normal.. this only happens when i scroll fast or alot at a time. sorry this is the best way i can explain it

02-04-05, 08:33 PM
Please list your computer's specifications.

Please include information about your power supply. Brand name, model, wattage.