View Full Version : Network Help Please

02-04-05, 11:34 PM
OK.... Here's the deal.

I'm using charter cable service.
I have a D-Link 704P router.
I have 1 network card in my PC.
I'm using WinXPpro.

My problem is every time I have to reboot my modem
my PC looses connection.

If I plug up my PC to the modem it works fine.
Then I can plug up the router and it works.
Soon as I loose power to the modem or have
to reboot the modem it does this crap.

What in the heck am I doing wrong here?
I do not know very much about networking.
I had to get a router to hookup to Vonage. ;)
I've got to Forward some ports to get it working. :(

Man stuff can be a pain in the @ss sometimes. :eek:
I wish I had a static IP. None of this crap would
be happening.

02-05-05, 03:21 AM
I just went and got a new Linksys BEFW11S4
wireless router.
The POS D-Link will be trashed.
It has been nothing but a problem from the start.
Time to put my notebook wireless anyway. ;)

Man I sure hope this one works. "lol"