View Full Version : new dell Inspiron 9300 laptop/ 6800 Go

02-05-05, 09:41 AM
Dell will be coming out soon with a 9300 laptop to replace the current 9200...

some basic features == 17" screen, multimedia keys on the front, firewire/6 usb ports and standard s-video, vga/dvi out along with other standard outputs and inputs...

key thing is the gfx...

there are 3 gfx cards available... x300, x600 from ati and... the 6800 Go :cool:

will utilize either a celeron M or pentium M process (celeron for certain price points obviously)

just thought you lads should know whats on the horizon because there have been a couple of threads about the demise of the 6800 Go... seeing one expected to be coming out with a notebook in the next month or so, it seems this is not the case :)

02-05-05, 10:13 AM
i hear the 6800go's are bad and burns the sytem down..

02-05-05, 10:15 AM
My buddy has a system with a 6800 go, the thing is extremely heavy, and very large. I still wish it was my notebook though :)

02-05-05, 10:20 AM
this thing should weigh about 7-8" 's unless you get some heavy duty upgrades... like 2 batteries pre-installed and stuff...

02-05-05, 11:09 AM
Ah, thanks for the heads up!

Last night I was pricieng 9200's and I found a very decent package for just about 2K, it was only a bit light on the CPU side.

The basic specs were 1.8M, 512MB 1dimm (then newegg upgrade right away), WUXGA screen (1920x1200), 60gig 7200rpm, dvdrom, mobile 9700pro

Id love to have that exact setup but with a go 6800 :D

02-05-05, 11:40 AM
yah numbnuts... this is what I was trying to tell you last night on IRC before I had to head off :cool:

02-05-05, 07:12 PM
Pffs, When abouts did you say they will be up on the site :D

02-05-05, 07:23 PM
probably later this month