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02-05-05, 01:33 PM


02-05-05, 02:42 PM
GD: Lastly, what are some of the changes that gamers will see over the next couple of years with the launches of new consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo?

JR: Expect a ton of graphics of high quality. I don't see any revolutions in game design on the XBOX2 and PS3, but we'll see something interesting on the Nintendo Revolution and the Nintendo DS is already doing some cool stuff with the dual screens. I truly respect Nintendo's forward thinking.

Eh ..?
how can he comment on consoles that are not released yet ?! not even know how the graphics & thier power will be .

02-05-05, 02:48 PM
He actually may have insight on the revolution.

He is still developing some stuff for Midway.

02-05-05, 02:51 PM

It's great to be able to do a lot of things here and this company is becoming more powerful than you can ever imagine.

"Should you strike me down now, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine"

02-05-05, 03:30 PM
Hahah... So Romero's @ Midway San Diego and all his good ol' Ion Storm buddies are now at Midway Austin ! Great tandem that'll make :rolleyes:

Also, this "Gauntlet" game of his....another FPS where, like Daikatana, plays a central role !? I doubt fps games based on melee weapons will ever be popular, let alone, have some really good gameplay.

I wish them succes, but the new Midway sounds like the worst of Ion Storm all over...

02-06-05, 01:37 AM
Well, Midway isn't exactly overflowing with tons of cash. It's like Ion, only broke, rofl.

02-06-05, 03:19 AM
GD: What do you think of the wave of videogame-based movies? Midway has several in development and studios are investing $100 million-plus budgets on these big screen forays.

JR: Well, I actually look forward to most of them now after the successes of Lord of the Rings and Spiderman. I loved The Hulk and Daredevil as well, although they weren't triple-A quality, they were great.
Wtf LOTR, Spiderman, Hulk and Daredevil aren't videogame movies, what is he smoking?

02-06-05, 03:32 AM
what a jerk.. when ps3 gets out the games will be like nothing we have ever seen before.