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02-07-05, 04:38 AM
Im interested in buying the matrix Online when it comes out but i would like to know a few things.

Will the combat system be like final fantasy xi (which is rubbish) where you start a fight and it does the rest for you and you just heal when needed or will i go into a fight and do alot of button bashing like i would with a new tekken game??

If i preorder the game now can i get involved in the beta tests??

Cheers for any help :)

02-07-05, 04:52 AM
Had the chance to beta this a while back, but was already beta testing EQ2 and WOW...so not sure on combat...
Yes, if you preorder now you can get in beta...just checked the site..

02-07-05, 08:45 AM
I've been in the beta for few months now and I think they are finalizing the combat aspect of the game now. You initiate a figh and a series of action icons are lined up in a queue. You get to choose when to execut special moves and abilities. The rest is pretty much in auto mode. Thats about it. Overall combat is very scenematic, but don't expect any direct hands-on controls.

02-07-05, 09:13 AM
Button Bashing wont happen in a MMORPG till they figure a way to compensate for lag when hundreds of people are near eachother, can you imagine raiding with 50+ people? Not everyone has broadband who plays MMORPGs and sometime lag is not the players side.

Real Time combat is just to CPU dependant also, it would require alot of PC power on the Server end to compute the thousands of poeple on a single server...

so in short, Button Smashing Combat is a long way off for MMORPGs, if ya want it go play games like Diablo or Guild Wars.

02-07-05, 03:27 PM
I'm currently in the beta and I like how the combat system is implemented. I've played other MMORPGs where you just attack with a few special moves, but this combat system is more interactive. I think this is the most awesome part of this game (some other things are not so refined).

There are 3 basic attacks and a block command. You have strong, fast, and grab. Your opponent has the same lineup and your "rolls" determine a successful attack or block. The cool part is that each attack has a chance to stagger, daze, or off-balance (respective to the attacks) your opponent. Certain special moves require your opponent to be in a certain state, so there is actually a lot of strategy involved, especially in pvp!

I must say that the combat system is extra cool compared to other rpgs, but indeed you won't be seeing a tekken game online.