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02-08-05, 08:19 PM
Hi! Help! Please...

Ive just recently updated to XP+SP2 and began merrily installing my drivers, etc onto my nice fresh PC.

When installing my soundcard drivers im given the error 'The Data Is Invalid', this is after it has recognised my 'Multimedia Audio Controller' as an 'Avance AC'97 Audio' which is correct.

Now ive looked all over and found this to have been a recuring problem relating to XP and PCI.
There is a solution given using regedit and changing permissions on the said device to Full, etc.
For lots of people it seems to work, but for me and one other poor dude I found it wont work.

I'm not a newb, ive followed the instructions to the letter, sucessfully changing the permissions, etc. but after this, it still will not let me install the drivers, even after booting, and in safe mode, and when i do it standing on my head.

So, I beg to the tech gods upon high to help me, I want to hear music again, and gunshots... I will sacrifice a small mammal if neccesary...

Please Help!!

Son Goku
02-08-05, 09:48 PM
Did you have an install pre-SP2, aka with SP1 or just with winXP by itself? Does the driver require SP2 based on it's indications?

If this is a new install (hopefully you aren't too far into it) and it worked before...perhaps as a circumvention you can format and reinstall winXP...install the driver, and then apply the SP. You might also want to see if there's another driver available...and perhaps send a bug report to the company concerning this problem with their driver, so their driver team can look into it.

Perhaps someone with your device in the specific might have run into something else which might help.

02-08-05, 11:51 PM
Its XP with SP2 built into it, didnt have the problem with XP and SP1. The problem seems to habe been knocking about since 2002 from what I can gather, if you want to get a better idea of what it is (im not too hot on tech specs)

thats the first one i came across

this is the guy with the same problem

and this is the solution that dosnt work for me :confused:

Its not related to the specific device, if anything i can only seem to link it to XP SP2..

It is a new install but I want to try to avoid reinstalling as that seems to have done nothing for anyone, its such a hassle!

any light you could shed would be greatly appriciated!