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02-09-05, 05:17 PM
So I've had this gt for a good 6 months, I've noticed @ 1600x1200 w/4xaa 8xaf in HL2 DM, I get a few parts that tend to go into the low 20's, even in the sp, it dipped to the 20's a few times. (Like in the canals when the helicopter is shooting at you) I oc'd the card for a day, I hit 421/1.14 using the "detect optimal frequency" button that so conviently came modded into the 66.77a drivers i'm using at the moment. The card hit 83C max-52C idle, usually it's 52C idle and 78C max, this is all on stock cooling. I figure that's not too much of a jump in temps, and I could really use the extra speed in HL2 DM, without having to sacrafice aa/af or a lower res. (And for the day I kept it oc'd all those low/mid 20's were low/mid 30's) I just get a bit paranoid when ocing. Will the card last me until 06 with the oc? I don't plan on upgrading till then. I just dont know if this core will last @ 83c....but then i've heard of people that hit 90c @ stock, so im like :confused: What do you guys think?

02-09-05, 05:27 PM
My ultras never go above about 60-62. If those temps are real I think your card is already really hot. Id replace the heatsink before o/c.

02-09-05, 06:18 PM
NV5 is almost like an insurance policy for these cards. I would get one.

02-09-05, 06:47 PM
O/C is still a bit of a gamble. I admit I'm the exception, not the rule.

My XT was fine at 549/591 with my Zalman for six months. Core temps never got over 63c, which is a good temp for that GPU. Anyway after about six-seven months one day it started locking up hard in CS:S. I did some testing w/ATI Tool and it failed the artifact scanner after 8 minutes - previously it had been just fine. When I clocked it back to defaults it was fine again both in ATI Tool and CS:S.

Overclocking did something to my card, damaged it in some way such that it would not run past stock speeds any more. It took some time, but it did hurt it somehow.

YMMV, but I know I'm never going to attempt it again.

02-09-05, 07:51 PM
Overclocking is always a gamble sometimes it will be fine and no problems and other you take the chance of frying it ,It is reall up to you if you want to take thaat chance,I would say it is over %80 chance that everthing will be fine.