View Full Version : PowerStrip made my day!

11-28-02, 04:16 AM
Seen all the refreshrate problems with 4x-xx detonators ? :(
well, I was stuck at 75Hz what so ever.. tried reforce and all thoose... Windows said 100Hz .. my eyes and my screen still toold me true 75Hz. :mad:
Tested PowerStrip, and after a little tweakin .. Im now sitting comfortable with 100Hz :p

Very nice! :D

11-28-02, 03:48 PM
yeah it is good..but I dont like it cause it has to run in the backround...you should try refreshforce...or refreshlock..just one click of the settings and it saves forever...

11-30-02, 01:58 AM
You had the same problem as I do. Windows reports the proper 100hz yet the monitor is actually at 75hz. What kind of tweaking to powerstrip did you have to do? Ive tried and am currently using reforce along with the det 30's because nothing seemed to work with the 40's on 2 of my computer's.

Jan Kivar
11-30-02, 12:15 PM
Save the settings under PowerStrips "advanced timing" page using older Dets. Then install newer Dets, and restore your settings in PowerStrip. I'm not sure whether this allows using many different resolutions, but I used PS to lock 1024x768x32 to 85 Hz. All other res' are still at 75 Hz, but hey, I only use that resolution. And I didn't want to tweak too much, just wanna play Hot Pursuit 2 without jerking.

I'll try if it allows to change & lock all resolutions to 85 Hz.