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02-11-05, 11:03 AM
I've looked around but couldn't find specific info, so I have the following system:

3500 CPU @ 215FSB
2 512 GB Corsair at 1T
2 BFG 6800 GT's @ 409/1150 (67.66Beta)
SB Audigy 2 ZS in last PCI slot
Antec Neopower 480

Have had much success and stability so far. Played through HL2 @ 16x12 4/8 with no issues, 3dM2005 @ 9300, etc. Only issue is that when playing Counter Strike, Source it will lock occassionally. When it does the video freezes, sound loops, then I get the mouse cursor but can not get back to the desktop or anything else. Ctrl Alt Del does nothing, etc. Have to do a hard reset to break out of it.

Memtest86, Prime 95, and RTHDRL runs for hours with no errors or problems, both in single and multi-GPU mode. 12v are stable at 11.87 during full load. Video temps are low 60s idle and low 80s load.

The only other thing is that it seems to only do it when there is a lot of action and a large explosion (sound). So, I'm thinking that all of my stress testing does not involve both sound and video simultaneously, maybe a conflict...???

1) What specifically would cause this type of error, or what would this be indicative of (e.g., the video lock with mouse cursor alive, sound loop, but unable to return to desktop, etc.)

2) Remedies?

Any ideas on how to track this down would be appreciated. Thanks.

02-11-05, 11:39 AM
Return your system back to stock clock speeds on both CPU and video and try again. I guarantee your problems will go away. Start with backing off on your video overclock. When I had my GPU clocked too high, I would experience the exact same symptoms in Source-based games.

02-11-05, 01:27 PM
Probably the termal throtling .. have you checked what are your videocards temps?