View Full Version : Half Life>TFC>Counterstrike Keyboard Lag

11-28-02, 04:57 PM
Have a problem with Half Life Engines when playing online (havent tried single player) where the keyboard control will just go haywire.

Eg. If you press the right button to turn right it will keep turning right causing you to lose total control. This happens very frequently.

Im running a:

Athlon XP 2000, MSI Nforce 1
Geforce 4 Ti4600
MS Intellimouse Explorer 3 with latest driver
MS Internet Keyboard Pro with latest keyboard driver
Direct X 8.1
Nforce 2.00 Driver
41.09 Display Driver

Is there a setting to adjust in the game or the keyboard properties in Xp Professional ?

Help :confused:

11-28-02, 09:55 PM
Are you running the game in OGL of Direct X, sounds like DirectX, try OGL...

11-28-02, 11:14 PM
im running in Open GL,

Ill try Direct 3d Next.

damn annoying problem.

12-05-02, 09:52 AM
Must you run the newest, or even any drivers? I have the 3.0 mouse and no driver other than xp's. Same for when I ran the same kb you are using. Never a problem.