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02-12-05, 06:32 PM
Alrighty, so I'm new to SLI. Just picked up and ASUS SLI mobo, and two GeForce 6600GT cards. I was really looking forward to the increase in speed in games and decided first to try 3dMark 05, and to my surprise I ended up with about the same score as I had with my previous system. So I decided to check out the nvapps.xml program and see what was up. When I found the 3dMark 05 profrile, the value for SLI rendering was set to Value=0.

Now I thought it was wither 4,2, or 1 in terms of options for SLI values. I don't even know what the 0 value is. If someone with some SLI know how could help me out that would be great.

My systems is as follows
AMD 64 3500+
2 Asus Geforce 6600GT's
Sound Blasyter Audigy
Western Digital HD

I have all current drivers for my system. My NVIDIA Forceware 71.24, which I got of ASUS website. Hope someone can help me out with my delima. Thanks.

02-12-05, 10:40 PM
Hmm guess no one knows anything, huh? Guess that's what I get for buying such new products. It'd be one thing if I was changing the program but it's a completly different thing if the default setups don't work either. I love NVIDIA but this is a shame.

Not only that but there are no good SLI documentations out there. Some FAQs maybe, so,mething with info on how to handle the file and edit things. But nothing, man this is getting frustrating. Ohh well back to rebooting things 500 times until somehting works right.

Any help would still be much apriciated. Thanks.

02-12-05, 10:48 PM
Try this:

In your case don't use the 7-.xx drivers.

Install the 66.93 officials.

get everything set up

go to the profiles performance tab in the control panel for the cards,
enable advanced options,
under global settings, at the bottom select to always use the multi-gpu option,

screen goes blank, returns in about a few seconds and then try the benchmark again.