View Full Version : Safe to remove Leadek 6800nu fan shroud?

02-13-05, 11:09 AM
Installed this card Leadtek 6800 (http://www.newegg.com/app/Showimage.asp?image=14-122-212-01.jpg/14-122-212-02.jpg/14-122-212-03.jpg/14-122-212-04.jpg/14-122-212-05.jpg/14-122-212-06.jpg&CurImage=14-122-212-02.jpg) into this case Antec Aria (http://www.newegg.com/app/Showimage.asp?image=11-129-146-10.jpg/11-129-146-08.JPG/11-129-146-03.jpg/11-129-146-06.JPG/11-129-146-07.JPG/11-129-146-05.JPG/11-129-146-04.JPG/11-129-146-02.JPG&CurImage=11-129-146-06.JPG) The plastic shroud is hitting the cd/dvd drive bays and the power supply and is resting at a slight angle in the agp slot. It works but Im not comfortable leaving it that way. Also cannot use the svideo port.

Anyway, I just read Neweggs return policy and they do not allow a return for an exchange for another item. My only choice now is remove the plastic shroud or Ebay the card. So do you think this piece of plastic covering the heatsink and fan is doing anything "really" important other than keeping out dust?

02-13-05, 11:11 AM
Does the piece of plastic covering the heatsink hold the heatsink in? If not I think it should be perfectly find... you may want to wait on some Leadtek owners to chime in though :D

02-13-05, 11:27 AM
Maybe you can totally remove it and buy Gainward's 1 slot fan.... I know someone who had an evga 6800 Limited Edition (Ultra fan) and removed it cuz he had to put it in a shuttle and put on gainward's 1 slot fan on.

Ohh Sorry I just saw that GainDepot isn't up anymore, you used to be able to buy the fans from there :\..... Hmm so yeah Id see if I can remove that thing or try to maybe buy a 1 fan cooling replacement on ebay or something? Like look for someone with an nv silencer and ask if they still need their original cooling.